GAM Net Tournament Adjustment System
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The GAM is utilizing an adjustment system in its Net Tournaments where players that shoot what the USGA Handicap System considers to be exceptional scores in GAM Net Tournaments will see their course handicaps reduced in GAM Net Tournament rounds and competitions for future GAM Net Tournaments.

The system, shown below, was created utilizing Appendix E of the USGA Handicap System. Appendix E displays the probability of golfers of varying handicaps scoring particular Net Handicap Differentials. Put simply, the lower the Net Handicap Differential, the more unlikely the score.

For scores with a probability ranging from 1-in-75 to 1-in-499, the player’s course handicap will be reduced one (1) stroke. For rounds with a probability between 1-in-500 and 1-in-1999, the player’s course handicap will be reduced two (2) strokes. For scores that are deemed to have a probability lower than 1-in-2000 or are shown as “Off the Chart”, the player’s course handicap will be reduced three (3) strokes.


Player A is playing a GAM Net Tournament round on a course with a rating of 71.8 and a slope of 136. He is playing off a GAM/USGA Handicap Index of 8.1.

He shoots a gross score of 75.

Handicap Differential = (Gross Score-Course Rating) x (113/Course Slope)
= (75-71.8) x (113/136)
= 3.2 x .831
Handicap Differential = 2.7

Net Handicap Differential = Handicap Differential – GAM/USGA Handicap Index
= 2.7 – 8.1
Net Handicap Differential = -5.4

According to the USGA Score Frequency and Probability Table, the probability of Player A shooting that score was 1-in-128. Per the GAM Net Tournament Adjustment System, his Course Handicap will be reduced one (1) stroke.

Here is an outline for how the GAM Net Tournament Adjustment System will operate:
- Upon the first instance of a player shooting a score that triggers an adjustment, the adjustment will remain in place for the next 5 GAM Net Tournaments he or she plays. If that player shoots another round that triggers an adjustment within those next 5 GAM Net Tournaments, the adjustment will be added and be in place for the player’s next 10 GAM Net Tournaments. Should another round that triggers an adjustment be shot within those 10 GAM Net Tournaments, the duration resets and becomes the next 15 GAM Net Tournaments, etc.
- The adjustment duration procedure as described will be applied retroactively to all adjustments from the 2017 GAM Net Tournament Season. For example, a player that triggered an adjustment in his or her first tournament of 2017, and then played in three more GAM Net Tournaments for the remainder of 2017, has two remaining GAM Net Tournaments where his or her adjustment will be enforced provided he or she does not shoot another round that triggers an adjustment within those tournaments. 
- The differentials for each GAM Net Tournament round will be calculated using the index the competitor is playing off of for that particular round, i.e., his or her lowest index for the last 12 months.
- Adjustments may be made for the second round of the Michigan Net Amateur and the Michigan Senior Net Amateur should the competitor shoot a first-round score that triggers an adjustment.
- For the GAM Net Match Play Championship, no adjustments will be made between the stroke-play round and the first round of match play, or between matches. Should a competitor shoot a score in the stroke-play round that would trigger an adjustment, the adjustment will be applied for all other GAM Net Tournament rounds going forward.
- Adjustments will be based on the numbers shown in the GAM Net Tournament Handicap Adjustment Table. No alterations from that will be made based on the perceived difficulty, or lack thereof, for a certain round based on factors such as the weather or hole locations.
- Adjustments will not be made based on rounds outside of GAM Net Tournament competition. GAM Net Tournament competition does NOT include GAM Golf Days, GAM Tournaments where gross prizes are awarded, and non-GAM net competitions (i.e., weekly leagues, other association competitions, club championships or club invitationals.)