Adjusting Scores
   Equitable Stroke Control
Posting an exceptionally bad score for a hole could change your GAM/USGA Handicap Index too much. If a score exceeds the limit in the ESC formula, you should, for handicap purposes only, record a score for the hole in accordance with the formula at right. There is no limit to the number of holes on which a player can adjust his/her score.



18 Holes 9 Holes
9 or less 4 or less Double Bogey
10 - 19 5 - 9 7
20 - 29 10 - 14 8
30 - 39 15 - 19 9
40 or more 20 or more 10
Incomplete Holes or Conceded Strokes
If you pick up on a hole or are conceded a stroke, record the score you most likely would have made. It is the number of strokes (including penalty strokes) taken thus far, plus the number of strokes you think would be needed to complete the hole from
that point 50 percent of the time. An X should be placed on the scorecard before such a score.
Holes Not Played
When a hole isnt played, your score for the hole is par, plus any handicap strokes to which youre entitled (based on your Course Handicap). And dont let a partial rainout stop you from posting a score. Use this method to fill out your scorecard when you play at least 13 holes out of 18, or at least seven out of nine. An X should be placed on the scorecard here, as well.