Youth on Course is a program for young golfers ages 6-18 allowing access at participating courses to play for $5 or less.

Join Youth on Course today, it only costs $15 to register for the year!

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2022 FAQ

 What age do I have to be to participate in Youth on Course?

You must be at least 6 years old to join and can join or renew every year until you turn 19 years old, the YOC membership/affiliation will be unavailable on your 19th birthday.

How long does my membership last?

Memberships are valid for one calendar year (until Dec. 31).

Are there any restrictions for playing?

All Youth on Course courses do have restrictions that are specific to their facility. Make certain to call ahead to check on availability and schedule a tee time for your Youth on Course membership.

The Youth on Course discount should not be utilized during any "organized play". This includes high school team practice, any outside/organized group instruction, etc. Each organized group is to set up their own course access, while YOC is eligible to the individuals during the off-season or non-organized play time.

Will I get a Youth on Course membership card?

No. Youth on Course now has an app that is the preferred method of identification which has been used since 2020. If you prefer to have a hard copy of your membership card, a “temporary card” can be printed via the member portal. You may also print a YOC membership card by clicking HERE. 

How do I know which courses are participating?

There are multiple options to find participating courses but the best options include checking the Participating Courses Link through the GAM website or Youth on Course App. Either way you will see the same up-to-date active course listings with availability and course listings. 

Can I use my Youth on Course membership outside of Michigan?

Yes! Youth on Course is now within all 50 states as well as many areas within Canada. If there are participating courses in an area you are visiting, you may use your membership benefits, regardless of where you live. Check the up-to-date map within the YOC app or at to view all participating courses. Don’t forget to call for availability and reserve your tee time! 

What are my member benefits of being a Youth on Course Michigan member? 

  • Golf Association of Michigan Junior Member 
  • Handicap Index® authorized by the USGA® 
  • GHIN Mobile App access 
  • May participate in GAM Junior events  
  • Access to Golf for $5 or less at Participating YOC Courses