Do you want to help grow the game of golf while building a loyal customer base? Why not become a participating Youth on Course facility? Youth on Course players pay $5 or less to play and Youth on Course facilities don’t lose money because Youth on Course subsidizes the difference between the $5 Youth on Course rate and your normal junior rate during the times you designate are OK for Youth on Course golfers to play. Youth get access to a sport they love that teaches them valuable lessons, and courses fill up unused tee times without loss of revenue. GAM member clubs can apply to be a Youth on Course facility here: Course Interest Form



How often does my facility get reimbursed?

Youth on Course will cut a check for your facility once a month.

How does my course keep track of kids playing here so we can get the right reimbursement?

We have an online check in system that is really easy to use. Your course will get custom login credentials and can begin checking in Youth on Course members in as little as 5 minutes.

How will I know if kids are Youth on Course members when they check in?

Youth on Course members should bring in their official membership cards when they check in, but if they don’t, you will still be able to verify their membership on the online check-in system.

What if I don’t want kids at my course during busy Sunday mornings or tournaments?

No problem. YOU set the times that kids can play the course. We also ask that kids call ahead to the courses to make tee times just to check availability.