State Amateur Residency Policy
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GAM Residency Principles
With the Michigan Amateur Championship and Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship, the GAM seeks to identify the premier amateur golfers among those who call the state home. The Association has established its own criteria for use in questions of residency. The issue of a player’s residency is in the sole discretion of the GAM.
A player is responsible for reviewing and confirming compliance with the GAM Residency Criteria. Should questions or concerns about residency status exist, a player must contact the GAM at least two weeks prior to the entry deadline at 248.478.9242 ext. 111 or
As a part of the application process, an applicant shall attest that they meet the GAM Residency Criteria. The GAM has the right, at any time, to request documentation from an applicant verifying that claimed status.  Any falsification, misrepresentation, or deliberate omission of facts or documents pertinent to the applicant’s eligibility may result in the player being disqualified, stripped of any prize or title, and that person being declared ineligible to participate in any future GAM tournaments.
The GAM reserves the right to consider exceptional circumstances and rule in the best interest of the Association and its Championships on matters of residency.
GAM Residency Criteria
To meet the GAM Residency Criteria for the Michigan Amateur or Michigan Women’s Amateur, a player must belong to one or more of the following categories:
1. A person who establishes their legal residence in Michigan and intends to stay here permanently. Generally, this depends on where you live, work, or attend school; where you have lived, worked, or attended school; in the case of a student, where your parents or guardians live; and other evidence that there is intent to make Michigan a permanent home. You have severed any previous out-of-state ties.

Residents are generally found to have:
• Michigan driver’s license
• Michigan license tag on vehicle
• Voter registration in Michigan
• Ownership or lease of Michigan residence
• Michigan homestead exemption declared on residence
• Place of employment in Michigan
• Proof of payment of utilities at property for which residency is being claimed
• Michigan address listed on state and federal income tax returns 
2. A student whose parents or guardians are permanent legal residents of Michigan as shown by permanent employment in the State, establishment of a primary household here and severance of out-of-state ties.

3. Your spouse or partner is employed in Michigan in a full-time, permanent position and this employment is your primary purpose for your family living in the State.

4. Military personnel based in Michigan on active duty, their spouse, and dependent children.

A dependent student does not meet the GAM Residency Criteria if his or her parents or guardians are not permanent legal residents of Michigan as described above.

A student is presumed to be a dependent of his/her parents or guardians if they are 24 years of age or younger and have primarily been involved in educational pursuits or have not been financially self-supporting through employment.

Circumstances that generally do not show permanent residency include:
• Employment in a temporary or short-term position usually intended for internship, apprenticeship or training
• Employment in a position normally held by a student
• Your spouse is employed permanent in the State, but you are in Michigan for temporary reasons
• Your relatives live in Michigan
• You lived in Michigan permanently in the past

The GAM may request documentation to determine a player’s residency. If you feel your Michigan residency may be in question, please contact the GAM. To guarantee a thorough review, contact the GAM at least two weeks prior to the entry deadline. In the event a residency question is presented later than that time, the GAM reserves the right to remove a player from the field.