The 2020 GAM Scramble State Championship

Pohlcat Championship Golf Course 

Date: Sunday September 20th-Monday September 21st

Format - 4 Person Team “Step aside” Scramble

“Step Aside:” On each hole, members of the team may hit a tee shot from their designated tee.  The team then selects one of the tee shots and marks the spot from which to play. The player whose shot is selected WILL NOT play the next shot (Step Aside). This procedure is repeated until the ball is holed.

Forming a Team - Teams may be made up of any four amateur GAM members – Men, Women, Senior Men, Super Senior Men, and/or Senior Women, each with a valid GAM/USGA Handicap Index. A team’s total index must equal 36.0 or higher.

- Teams cannot have more than two players with a GAM/USGA Handicap Index lower than 10.0.

- In 2020 teams will continue to be playing in eight-somes.

Handicaps Individual player's indexes are based off their current GAM/USGA Handicap Index. A team’s handicap is based on the total of all four players’ lowest indexes and a Team Handicap is assigned based on the GAM Scramble Team Handicap Table (See GAM Scramble Rules/Policies)

Tees/Yardage - 5 sets of tees.

  • Males
  • Females
  • Senior Males (ages 55 and older as of the day of the event)
  • Senior Females (ages 50 and older as of the day of the event)
  • Super Senior Males (ages 65 and older as of the day of the event)

The tees will be determined by the GAM Official in charge of the event. The tees played by each respective player will factor in the Handicap Calculation.

Registration - All teams registering to compete in the GAM Scramble must sign up online HERE to play in a regional qualifier.


Entry Fees -

Regional Qualifiers - $300/Team (Includes Round of Golf, Range, Cart, & Lunch)

State Championship - $420/Team (Includes 2 Rounds of Golf, Range, Cart, Sunday Dinner)