Player Code of Conduct
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GAM PLAYER CODE OF CONDUCT: By submitting an entry, or by participating in any GAM competition, the player understands that his/her participation is at the sole discretion of the GAM.  The player’s entry may be rejected for any reason, at the discretion of the Official-in-Charge, at any time before the close of the competition (as defined in the USGA Rules of Golf).  Unbecoming conduct or actions at any GAM event, or state, national, or international event, or conduct or actions deemed detrimental to the GAM, the spirit of the game, or to the host facilities are grounds for such rejection.  During competition, a serious breach in etiquette may result in warning, penalty, or immediate disqualification.
A serious breach in etiquette may include, but is not limited to:
1.  Cheating
2.  Willful destruction of golf course or GAM property
3.  Deliberate failure to properly care for the course
4.  Abusive language or conduct towards GAM and/or host facility, staff, volunteers, or other players
5.  Club throwing and/or physical endangerment of others
6.  Offensive or excessively loud behavior
7.  Alcohol and/or substance impaired behavior
8.  Repeated withdrawals or no cards during or after the round
9.  Inappropriate golf attire
10.  Not meeting handicap/score posting requirements
11. Other conduct deemed to be unbecoming
12. Improper use of a cell phone by a player or caddie during the stipulated round
Should such an incident occur, the Official-in-Charge may submit a report to the Code of Conduct Subcommittee consisting of the Championship Committee Chair, Championship Committee Vice Chair, Executive Director, Senior Director of Competitions (if not Official-in-Charge), and any pertinent Subcommittee Chair or on-site Rules Official. The player that committed the breach and other involved people may be contacted for input. The report will be finalized by this Subcommittee and submitted to the Championship Committee for approval. Sanctions may include suspension from future GAM competitions, losing exempt status for future year(s), or being declared ineligible for GAM team competitions and/or player awards.  The GAM can also stipulate that sanctions only be lifted after the player meets reasonable conditions for reinstatement. The decision to reject an entry during an event by the Official-in-Charge is final.  However, any further sanctions imposed by the Championship Committee may be appealed to the GAM Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.