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What is a mobile launcher icon?

A mobile launcher icon is an icon on your mobile device’s home screen that takes you directly to your favorite app, widget or website in the click of a button. Think of a computer desktop shortcut, but smaller. If you didn’t know you could add a website’s bookmark to your mobile device’s home screen, just bookmark the website and follow the steps below:

How do I add the mobile launcher icon to my home screen?

Andoid (Method 1)

1. On the home screen long-press in open space

2. Add to Home Screen box pop-up -> tap “Shortcuts” -> tap “Bookmark” -> tap on thumbnail of site to add its launcher/web clip icon to your home screen

Android (Method 2)

1. Open the browser “bookmarks” screen

2. Long-press the bookmark you want

3. Select “Add shortcut to Home”


You can add a shortcut to give yourself quick access to items such as frequently used websites, contacts, applications, files, podcast channels, or media categories.

  1. Browse to a website, or highlight the item that you want to create a shortcut for.
  2. Press the Menu key > Add to Home Screen.
    • To change the name of the shortcut, type a new name.
    • To change the location where the shortcut appears, change the Location field.
    • To add the shortcut to your Favorites panel, select the Mark as Favorite checkbox.
  3. Click Add.


1. Tap the plus button (older phones and operating systems) or middle icon the arrow or forward button (newer phones) at the bottom of the Safari window

2. Tap Add to Home Screen

Add Icon To iPhone Home Screen

3. Tap the Add button

iPhone Add Button

The icon you just added is should be the GAM logo:

Icon iPhone On Home Screen


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