What if I need my handicap outside of the U.S.?
If you are playing outside the U.S. and need proof of your handicap here is a solution: 1. Copy and paste your handicap index from gam.org into a Microsoft Word document.  2.  Print the document and cut off the unnecessary paper. 3. Attach the paper to your GAM Golf Card.

How can I post my winter scores from out of state?

You can post your out-of-state scores the same way that you post Michigan scores that are not from your home club. Set the AWAY tab search for the state where you played and look up the course from which you need to record your score. If your GAM club allows Internet posting, you can post your winter scores at any time throughout the year. 


How can I link my GAM handicap record with my handicap record from my out-of-state club?

Contact the GAM at handicap@gam.org and include the following information in your email: your name, the name of your GAM club, your GAM number, the name of your other club, the state it is in, and what would be the equivalent of your GAM number from that club (i.e. your GHIN number, Golf Net number, etc.). 


What if I belong to two different GAM clubs?

Your handicap records can be linked making you a “multi member.” This way, you won’t have to double post your scores. Wherever you post, your scores will flow into one single handicap record. Just contact the GAM at hanidcap@gam.org with your name, the name of the two clubs to which you belong, and your GAM number or numbers.


What if I make a mistake when I am posting my score?

You will see an “edit” button next to your post score which will remain there until the next scheduled revision date. You can click that button and make corrections to your posting. Once the edit button disappears, you must contact the handicap chairman or professional at your home club to make the changes.


How do I know when my scores will be updated and calculated into my official USGA / GAM index?

Official handicap revisions happen on the 1st and 15th of each month, 12 months a year.  

What does the "L" mean next to my trend handicap?
The "L" stands for "local" and just means that is not your official handicap index but is showing your trend index -- or what your index would be if a revision was done today. This allows you to see how your handicap might change during the next upcoming revision.

How many scores does it take to establish a USGA/GAM handicap index?
You must have at least 5 18-hole scores posted to establish a handicap index. Nine-hole scores that you post will combine with other 9-hole score
s and appear as
an 18-hole score.

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