GAM Championships USGA Events
GAM Women’s Senior U.S. Women’s Sr. Amateur Michigan Women’s Amateur
(Sectional Qualifying) GAM Women’s Championship
Champion 200 Medalist 100 GAM Women’s Mid – Amateur
Runner-Up 130 Qualifier 75 GAM Women’s TOC
3rd Place 90 1st Alternate 50 MI Women’s Senior Open
4th Place 60 2nd Alternate 40 PGA TOC
5th Place 40 Exempt 25 MWGA State Championship
6th – 10th (and ties) 25 U.S. Women’s Open
11th – 15th (and ties) 15 U.S. Women’s Amateur
16th – 20th (and ties) 10 U.S. Women’s Mid – Amateur 
(Same points as the Women’s)
MI Women’s Senior Amateur U.S. Women’s Amateur
(First Flight) After qualifying for match play, the player will be awarded 75 points for each match won.
Champion 175
Runner-Up 115
Semi-Finalist 75 Makes Match Play 100
Quarter-Finalist 50 Stroke Play Medalist 150
Stroke Play Medalist 25 Lost Playoff for Final Spot 75
(Second Flight) U.S. Women’s Open
Champion 90 Make Cut at National 400
Runner-Up 60 (More points may be awarded for a top 30 finish at Championship)
Semi-Finalist 40
Quarter-Finalist 25
GAM Women’s Championship
Champion 275
Runner-Up 205
3rd Place 155
4th Place 115
5th Place 90
6th – 10th  50
11th – 15th (and ties) 30
16th – 20th (and ties) 25
GAM Women’s Mid – Amateur 
(Senior Division)
Champion 90
Runner-Up 60
3rd Place 40
4th Place 25
5th Place 15
GAM Women’s Senior TOC
Champion 75
Runner-Up 60
3rd Place  45
4th Place  30
5th Place 20
6th – 10th (and ties) 10


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