Championship Results
Men's Division
1Brown, Curt68Champion
2Kroll, Mike70Runner Up
 Harris, Ian70 
 Wirth, Scott70 
5Zeller, Greg71 
 McVeigh, Brian71 
7Leedle, James D72 
 Adams, Craig72 
 Lewis, Randy72 
 Lewis, Jim72 
 Klemet, Kevin72 
12Maddalena, Steve73 
 Shultis, Kevin73 
 Wilson, Mitch73 
15Miller, Brian74 
 Wiley, Matthew74 
17Chocola, Chris75 
 Bartnick, David75 
 Armstrong, John75 
 Webber, Kevin75 
 Kersten, Jim75 
22Ghareeb, Dave76 
 Fairful, William76 
 Slater, Mark76 
 Tungate, Mike76 
 Sobeck, Dale76 
 Carmody, Chris 76 
 Reifert, Fritz76 
29LeBarre, Mike77 
 Depew, Jeff77 
 Peck, Martin77 
32Edwards, Charles 78 
 Stechschulte, Bill78 
34Long, Larry79 
 Suemnick, Ron79 
36Hoag, Todd80 
 Walton, John80 
38Ohler, John G81 
 Coopmans, Tim81 
40Singelyn, Robert82 
 Moore, Michael82 
 Cunningham, Kerry82 
43Coon, Kent83 
 Richart, John83 
 Goldstein, Steve83 
 Kuhns, Ted83 
47Thaxton, Gary84 
 Barnett, James84 
 Colosimo, David84 
50Hussong, Bill85 
 Leary, Kevin85 
 Isaac, Tom85 
53Linden, David86 
 Duerk, Fred86 
55Host, Brad87 
 Mitroka, John87 
57Knox, Chuck88 
58Berg, Bob90 
59Belotti, David93 
60Beasley, Arlen999WD
Women's Division
1Massa, Julie73Champion
2Akins, Audrey73Runner Up
3Schmid, Barbara78 
 Bates, Michele78 
5Kalkhoff, Mary Ellen79 
6Purdie, Margo81 
7Lee, Betsy82 
 DelCamp, Terry82 
 Benford, Donna82 
10Obermeyer, Cindy83 
11Brant, Linda85 
 Tomiuk, Diane85 
13Tyler, Pam 86 
14Parker Farms, Lynne89 
15Malburg, Constance90 
16Petraitis, Yun92 
 Lewis, Melanie92 
 Moyer, Martha92 
19Kalahar, Cathy94 
20MacPherson, Theresa95 
21McGee, Dody96 
22Eckland, Renae97 
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