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Pairings: Round 1 - Michigan Senior Net Amateur
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11:00 AM1 Al Molnar
John Finch
Mark Mann
11:10 AM1 Nhia Dang Yang
Matt Magnotte
Rich Rachner
11:20 AM1 Don Mullett
Michael Piazza
Stephen Carollo
11:30 AM1 Christopher Genung
Jim Cieslak
Jack McHale
11:40 AM1 Michael McHale
Lonnie Shipley
Joe DeNino
Michael Babiuk
11:50 AM1 Kevin Keys

Glenn Potyczka
Tim Millis
12:00 PM1
David Banghart
Pat Denton
Greg McComas
12:10 PM1 Robert Bremer
Doug Harmala
John Hoelscher
Thom Bales
12:20 PM1 Fred Feiler
Tom Mulhern
Jack Germain
Larry Hemmerly
12:30 PM1 Arthur Black
William Seavey
Michael Lam
Mike Kidder
12:40 PM1 Steve Craft
Mike Barry
Robert Morrow
12:50 PM1 James Moline
Mike Meleski
Robert Kenworthy
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