Pairings: First-Round Matches
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12:30 PM1 Audrey Akins
Susie Keane
12:30 PM10 Yvette Johnson
Nancy Rovik
12:38 PM1 Meredith Weaver
Susan Campbell
12:38 PM10 Carolyn Byl
12:46 PM10 Theresa MacPherson
Beverly Veit
12:46 PM1 Julie Massa
Barbara Schmid
12:54 PM1 Maureen Whitehead
Joanne Adams
12:54 PM10 Suzanne Madej
Arezell Brown
1:02 PM1 Janina Jacobs
Kathryn Stellema
1:02 PM10 Rebbecca Tenerowicz
Patricia DeMaire
1:10 PM1 Lauri Ponikiewski
Melanie Lewis
1:10 PM10 Shirley Estabrooks
Angela Cook
1:18 PM1 Cindy Obermeyer
Lori Rogers
1:18 PM10 Tanita Ey
Ellen Pravato
1:26 PM1 Shelly Weiss
Trish Garber
1:26 PM10 Pam Kurtz
Olivia Bayagich
1:34 PM1 Dagmar Dillner
Elaine Humphrey
1:34 PM10 Jan Bowerman
Mary Hauk
1:42 PM1 Judy Lazzaro
Katy Yaklin
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