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Championship Field
Senior Division
NameHome TownFlight
Allen, JoeLansing Senior Division
Allie, JimLIVONIASenior Division
Anderson, DougBay CitySenior Division
Armstrong, JohnGrosse IleSenior Division
Bach, JonRoyal OakSenior Division
Barbour, JohnGrand RapidsSenior Division
Bartnick, DavidLivoniaSenior Division
Benham, DaveNoviSenior Division
Birk, TimYpsilantiSenior Division
Buettner, KerryGrandvilleSenior Division
Carmody, Chris Harrison Twp.Senior Division
Carson, BobAuburn HillsSenior Division
Chicka, KenShelby TwpSenior Division
Chocola, ChrisHarbor SpringsSenior Division
Coon, KentStantonSenior Division
Dallo, SamSouthfieldSenior Division
Davis, Stephen LivoniaSenior Division
Didato, JoeTroySenior Division
Donohue, DanielNoviSenior Division
Dooley, RogerPlymouthSenior Division
Eberhard, ThomasKalamazooSenior Division
Emsley, RayDavisburgSenior Division
Evoy, RichardSault St MarieSenior Division
Fedewa, MikeCantonSenior Division
Fossum, BobSenior Division
French, MarkNoviSenior Division
Fugenschuh, DavidAnn ArborSenior Division
Goldstein, SteveAnn ArborSenior Division
Harris, IanBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Hegarty, JimGrand RapidsSenior Division
Honour, BertHighlandSenior Division
Houston, RogerW BLOOMFIELDSenior Division
Hundhammer, PaulGrosse Pointe ParkSenior Division
Kahler, PaulWest Bloomfield Senior Division
Kain, DonMilfordSenior Division
Kalo, JohnDavisonSenior Division
Knudson, JeffBeverly HillsSenior Division
Kohn, MikeBeldingSenior Division
Kroll, MikeWarrenSenior Division
Lambarth, LeeSalineSenior Division
Lewis, RandyAlmaSenior Division
MacDonald, TimGrand BlancSenior Division
Maddalena, SteveJacksonSenior Division
Malis, GeorgeGrosse Pointe WoodsSenior Division
Mann, Mark Ann ArborSenior Division
Martin, StephenDEXTERSenior Division
Marx, JoeBirminghamSenior Division
Mason, MichaelMasonSenior Division
McAnulty, GerardSarniaSenior Division
Mccullough, RobertSwartz CreekSenior Division
McIlraith, GlennLivoniaSenior Division
Miller, BrianLake OrionSenior Division
Montgomery, LouisBirminghamSenior Division
Moore, MichaelYpsilantiSenior Division
Mullett, DonCantonSenior Division
Murray, Glenn Bingham FarmsSenior Division
O'Connor, MichaelSt JosephSenior Division
Parker, MichaelLapeerSenior Division
Peabody, Brian Grosse Pte ParkSenior Division
Pearson, GregLincolnSenior Division
Peck, MartinPlymouthSenior Division
Perrine, RonHoltSenior Division
Petrovich, ScottWest BloomfieldSenior Division
Potter, KeithFarmington HillsSenior Division
Provot, PhilColwaterSenior Division
Pursel, TomBINGHAM FARMSSenior Division
Raymond, MikeJacksonSenior Division
Reifert, FritzYPSILANTISenior Division
Rex Jr, TomCharlevoixSenior Division
Roberts, TimAnn Arbor Senior Division
Robertson, BillNorthvilleSenior Division
Roehrig, RobertBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Rymiszewski, GaryOxfordSenior Division
Sande, ChristopherBeverly HillsSenior Division
Sauer, BobW BloomfieldSenior Division
Schultheiss, RoyBay CitySenior Division
Senkowski, TomRochester HillsSenior Division
Sheak, JeffreyWest BloomfieldSenior Division
Sierawski, SteveSterling HeightsSenior Division
Simmons, DonaldNorthvilleSenior Division
Slater, MarkCross VillageSenior Division
Smith, TimothyNoviSenior Division
Smoker, DennisColdwaterSenior Division
Sophiea, DougHighlandSenior Division
Sowles, MichaelColdwaterSenior Division
Stefanek, GreggAlmaSenior Division
Sweeney, DaveBeverly HillsSenior Division
Thomasma, DaveGlen ArborSenior Division
Troyer, KevinGrand BlancSenior Division
Tungate, MikeE LansingSenior Division
Van Assen, CraigGrandvilleSenior Division
VanBoven, JimCantonSenior Division
Vaughan, LarryGreensboroSenior Division
Walz, PeteJacksonSenior Division
Weber, GaryFentonSenior Division
West, KeithWixomSenior Division
Wiley, MatthewWestlandSenior Division
Wilson, BobPinckneySenior Division
Wilson, MitchPortageSenior Division
Yeager, PhillipGrand RapidsSenior Division
Zylstra, BillDearborn HtsSenior Division
Super Senior Division
NameHome TownFlight
Armstrong, JeffE LansingSuper Senior Division
Benson, BenClarkstonSuper Senior Division
Berezak, MikePLYMOUTHSuper Senior Division
Brinkman, DougAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Camalo, CraigAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Christenson, MarkFlintSuper Senior Division
Cunningham, KerryGrosse PteSuper Senior Division
Cykowski, MarkRochester HillsSuper Senior Division
Dexter, BobWest BranchSuper Senior Division
Dillon, GeorgeMidlandSuper Senior Division
Doerr, PeteColdwaterSuper Senior Division
Downs, ThomasRochester HillsSuper Senior Division
Edwards, Charles NoviSuper Senior Division
Fiedorek, PaulCharlevoixSuper Senior Division
French, JohnSanta MonicaSuper Senior Division
Gordon, DavidAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Grant, BobAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Gregg, DanielFORT MYERSSuper Senior Division
Guyselman, CharlesDewittSuper Senior Division
Hagenbach, RickSouth LyonSuper Senior Division
Hall, AlBLOOMFIELD HILLSSuper Senior Division
Halle, RogerCHESTERFIELDSuper Senior Division
Hammond, RobertPortageSuper Senior Division
Hogard, LawrenceFlintSuper Senior Division
Johnston, ClaudCantonSuper Senior Division
Jones, SteveHarrison TownshipSuper Senior Division
Kempner, DaveAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Kuhl, RogerJacksonSuper Senior Division
Leebove, RichardBloomfield HillsSuper Senior Division
Lindholm, JohnGrand BlancSuper Senior Division
MacDonald, JimAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Mann, FredWatervilleSuper Senior Division
Metzger, TerryGrand RapidsSuper Senior Division
Mlynarczyk, JamesNorthvilleSuper Senior Division
Moore, TerryGrand RapidsSuper Senior Division
O'Donovan, JohnGrand RapidsSuper Senior Division
Phillips, MichaelBloomfield HillsSuper Senior Division
Poglits, BobWEST BLOOMFIELDSuper Senior Division
Pratt, JohnSterling HeightsSuper Senior Division
Quitiquit, GaryHighlandSuper Senior Division
Reynolds, GregGrand BlancSuper Senior Division
Rietema, DanGrand RapidsSuper Senior Division
Russell, Charles RBeverly HillsSuper Senior Division
Russell, JimStevensvilleSuper Senior Division
Savage, KenRochester HillsSuper Senior Division
Smith, RickTroySuper Senior Division
Stollsteimer, JackAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Strand, TomTraverse CitySuper Senior Division
Teichman, BrianNoviSuper Senior Division
Trudell, DouglasWindsorSuper Senior Division
Vandermass, BillNoviSuper Senior Division
Yachcik, LarryGrand Rapids Super Senior Division
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