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Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying Site
Alderink, MatthewBattle CreekBedford Valley Golf Course
Anderson, MichaelNorthvilleEdgewood Country Club
Aytes, EricTroyPontiac Country Club
Baker, CaseyNoviExempt
Bartnick, MattLivoniaLinks of Novi
Bastion, BradShelby TownshipExempt
Breault, BeauHowellExempt
Carter, AustinPort SanilacLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Cojei, CarterSouth LyonLinks of Novi
Deiters, AustinMidlandBedford Valley Golf Course
DeLong, CharlesDeWittForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Dice, BradyClarkstonLinks of Novi
Do, HenryCantonExempt
Ellis, DanLANSINGForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Giroux, ThomasGeorgetownEdgewood Country Club
Haefner, GrantBloomfield HillsEdgewood Country Club
Hall, DavidBirminghamMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Hay, KeithLinks of Novi
Hoey, DougHollandSunnybrook Country Club
Hudson, Brett Bloomfield HillsLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Ignasiak, MikeSalineExempt
Inglis, KeatonShelbySunnybrook Country Club
Jackson, AnthonyTroyForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Jamieson, ParkerLansingForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Johnson, RyanNew BostonExempt
Jones, JacksonBLOOMFIELDEdgewood Country Club
Jones, ConnorROCHESTEREdgewood Country Club
Kapke, JustinCantonLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Kauppila, RyanRochester HillsPontiac Country Club
King, BrianCommerce TwpEdgewood Country Club
Kleckner, AlexCommerceEdgewood Country Club
Kneen, JakeWhite LakeExempt
Kors, JustinWhitmore LakeLinks of Novi
Kotas, JudGrosse Pte FarmsLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Kreger, Austin Harrison TwpPontiac Country Club
LaFrance, JustinMilfordPontiac Country Club
Lang, Andrew Grosse Ile Lakes of Taylor Golf Club
Leedle, James DFentonPontiac Country Club
Martin, IanSalineForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
May, JasonOakland Lakes of Taylor Golf Club
McCarthy, WilliamMt PleasantMichaywe Pines Golf Course
McLoughlin, SeanRochester HillsPontiac Country Club
Messner, BryceHowellSunnybrook Country Club
Moss, AndrewBloomfield HillsEdgewood Country Club
Newbold, WillFRANKFORTMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Nikolich, BranimirTroyPontiac Country Club
Niles, SeanNorthvilleLinks of Novi
Oliphant, DavidRoyal OakForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Pahl, JustinWhite LakePontiac Country Club
Patel, RishiBloomfield HillsEdgewood Country Club
Pearce, TimBirminghamPontiac Country Club
Pelak, MatthewMattawanBedford Valley Golf Course
Petzak, BrandonYpsilantiForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Piot, JamesCantonEdgewood Country Club
Praet, DavidLake OrionExempt
Quigley, JohnSt Clair ShoresExempt
Rayman, TylerotsegoSunnybrook Country Club
Robinson, MarcusOakland TwpEdgewood Country Club
Roeder, BenMidlandExempt
Ruge, CameronColdwaterBedford Valley Golf Course
Rybicki, KyleWhite LakeExempt
Sarokin, AndrewNoviSunnybrook Country Club
Schuitema, ScottNOVILinks of Novi
Scott, AlexTraverse CityExempt
Simmons, DonaldNorthvilleLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Skinner, DyllanPinckneyForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
Smith, JayNoviLinks of Novi
Smith, MattRoyal OakEdgewood Country Club
Sorentino, AnthonyShelby Twp.Exempt
Spagnoletti, TrevorHowellLinks of Novi
Stein, GunnarHoughtonPontiac Country Club
Stevens, TomNorthvilleExempt
Stevenson, BakerHartlandEdgewood Country Club
Stewart, WesWindsorEdgewood Country Club
Strickland, Scott BLOOMFLD HLSExempt
Swint, JonWyandotteLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Szymanski, DavidGrosse Pte ParkMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Trosper, DonnieCantonExempt
Tucci, DrewMacombLinks of Novi
Walker, AndrewBattle CreekBedford Valley Golf Course
Weller, JackSwartz CreekExempt
White, MitchellMuskegonExempt
Winiarski, NicholasFlushingLakes of Taylor Golf Club
Young, RonOxfordForest Akers Golf Course (Forest Akers Golf Course - West)
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