Championship History
GAM Mid-Amateur Champions
Year Champion Site
2019  Michael  Coriasso  Boyne Highlands 
2018 Scott  Strickland  Boyne Highlands 
2017  John  Quigley  Boyne Highlands 
2016  Anthony  Sorentino  Boyne Highlands 
2015  Anthony  Sorentino  Boyne Highlands 
2014 Tom Werkmeister Boyne Highlands
2013 Tom Werkmeister Boyne Highlands
2012 Erik Schleicher Boyne Highlands
2011 Tom Werkmeister Boyne Highlands
2010 Tom Werkmeister Boyne Highlands
2009 Tom Werkmeister Boyne Highlands
2008 Tom Werkmeister Boyne Highlands
2007 Mike Ignasiak Boyne Highlands
2006 Anthony Sorentino Boyne Highlands
2005 Greg Davies Boyne Highlands
2004 Russ Cunningham Boyne Highlands
2003 Greg Davies Treetops
2002 Russ Cunningham Boyne Highlands
2001 Russ Cunningham Shanty Creek
2000 Kevin VandenBerg Treetops
1999 Hank Schlissberg Boyne Highlands
1998 Randy Lewis Treetops
1997 Hank Schlissberg Boyne Highlands
1996 John Morgan Boyne Highlands
1995 Doug Davis Lakewood Shores
1994 Greg Reynolds Treetops
1993 Don Brooks Scalawags / Red Run
1992 Brian Mills Boyne Highlands
1991 Roy Schultheiss Bay City CC
1990 Tom Gauntlett Kalamazoo CC
1989 Jeff Reaume Washtenaw CC
1988 John Morgan CC of Jackson
1987 Agim Bardha Port Huron GC
1986 Dick Marr Travis Pointe CC
1985 John Morgan Travis Pointe CC
1984 Peter Green Travis Pointe CC
1983 Greg Reynolds Travis Pointe CC
*In 1986, the GAM began to conduct this tournament.*
*Starting in 1993, the Michigan Mid-Amateur utilized two courses for its Championship.*
*Starting in 1995, the Mid-Amateur was limited to GAM members only.*