Championship Results
1Tungate, Mike69 
2Zylstra, Bill73 
3Miller, Brian74 
 Jona, Ron74 
5Ray, Mike76 
 Walz, Pete76 
7Bach, Jon77 
 Wiley, Matthew77 
 Westbrook, Terry77 
 LeBarre, Mike77 
 Armstrong, John77 
12Herpich, Rick78 
 Peck, Martin78 
 Poglits, Bob78 
 Rex Jr, Tom78 
 Mitroka, John78 
17Lychos Jr., John79 
 Craig, Mark79 
 Chicka, Ken79 
20Maddalena, Steve80 
 Hegarty, Jim80 
 Uhrin, Dave80 
23Kempner, Dave81 
 Ward, William81 
25Diedrich, Robert82 
 Fedewa, Mike82 
 Sowles, Tom82 
 Moore, Michael82 
29Coury, Tom83 
 Sobeck, Dale83 
31Whited, Mark84 
 Beasley, Arlen84 
 Self, Charlie84 
34Leonard, Kirk85 
 Smith, Rick85 
 Simmons, Donald85 
37Atkins, Michael86 
 Johnston, Claud86 
39Beltz, Jim87 
40Quintana, Gregory91 
41Harris, Ian999WD
 Hundhammer, Paul999WD
1DelCamp, Terry77 
2Whitehead, Maureen79 
3Petrovich, Mary80 
4Weiss, Shelly83 
5Kalahar, Cathy91 
6Coyne, Nancy92 
 Obermeyer, Cindy92 
8Lietz, Nanette101 
 MacPherson, Theresa101 
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