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Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying Site
Armbruster, Aric / Monette, DaveTraverse CityTanglewood Golf Club
Bailey, Geoffrey / Bufton, LouWarrenFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Belden, Patrick / Nemetz, EdAnn ArborTanglewood Golf Club
Biermann, John / Horne, DonaldGrosse Pointe WoodsTanglewood Golf Club
Bigelow, George / , Mt MorrisFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Bixby, Chris / Bixby, GregFarmington HillsTanglewood Golf Club
Blake, Jerry / , LansingFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Burney, Ann / Pringle, DebORTONVILLETanglewood Golf Club
DeGrazia, Albert / Celsi, PerryCantonArbor Hills Golf Club
DiPaola, Sandra / , PlymouthArbor Hills Golf Club
Flater, Curtis / Flater, FranLake OrionFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Gomulka, James / Purol, FredOrtonvilleTanglewood Golf Club
Graham, David / Arnett, MarionLake OrionFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Granger, Gary / Coleman, JamesST CLAIR SHORESTanglewood Golf Club
Harmych, William / Roll, EricYpsilantiTanglewood Golf Club
Hicks, Gerald / Sariol, JorgeNorthvilleArbor Hills Golf Club
Hitt, Richard / , JacksonArbor Hills Golf Club
Hooper, Andrew / Walter, MattTroyFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
HOYT, LEE / McGuirk, JimmyFENTONFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Kanan, Joseph / , Grosse Point ShoresFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Kemp, Al / Newton, GregOaklandTanglewood Golf Club
Kildea, Terry / Seehase, DaveEast LansingArbor Hills Golf Club
Kirby, Joseph / Semczak, LawrenceSt Clair ShoresArbor Hills Golf Club
Kozlowski, Allen / , BrutusArbor Hills Golf Club
Lam, Michael / , NorthvilleTanglewood Golf Club
Langford, Ken / Pratt, JeffHASTINGSArbor Hills Golf Club
McHugh, Michael / , YpsilantiArbor Hills Golf Club
Minichiello, Anthony / Grybas, PeterCantonTanglewood Golf Club
Mullen, Howie / Coda, SteveGrand Rapids Arbor Hills Golf Club
Patterson, Smith / Hestwood, MikeLakelandArbor Hills Golf Club
Peterman, David / Gainer, StevenGrand BlancFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Pinkard, Cynthia / Hamilton, JudySouthfieldFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Praet, Denis / Duncan, JeffreyWashingtonFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Sibley, Tom / , Cedar SpringsFlushing Valley Golf & Country Club
Sroka, Michelle / , LivoniaArbor Hills Golf Club
Sweitzer, Walter / Sheckell, FrankBirminghamArbor Hills Golf Club
VanEss, Sue / VanEss, JackArbor Hills Golf Club
Vidergar, Keith / Griggs, MichaelMidlandTanglewood Golf Club
Weiss, Dan / Weiss, ShellySouthfieldTanglewood Golf Club
Wold, Sara / , CantonTanglewood Golf Club
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