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Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying Site
Andrus, JordanPinckneyKnollwood Country Club
Baker, CaseyNoviExempt
Barnes, JimBloomfield HillsSt. Clair Golf Club
Bastion, BradShelby TownshipExempt
Bonamici, NickGrosse IlePolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Bonema, NicholasTroyClio Country Club
Bowser, EvanDearbornKnollwood Country Club
Buckley, GarretNoviKnollwood Country Club
Chapman, AndrewTraverse CityExempt
Coda, ChanceGrand RapidsKaufman Golf Course
Comito, Anthony MacombSt. Clair Golf Club
Crandall, RickFenton Clio Country Club
Davies, GregW BloomfieldExempt
DiFilippo, ScottRochester HillsSt. Clair Golf Club
Dombrowski, AlexanderGaylordClio Country Club
Ellis, DanLANSINGExempt
Fischer, DanDavisonPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Gelardi, TomWhitmore LakePolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Genovesi, Domonic FlushingClio Country Club
George, MerrickLindenNightmare
Goble, AndrewBrightonPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Golomb, NateBelmontKaufman Golf Course
Guisinger, JamieTroyPine Lake Country Club
Hall, DavidBirminghamExempt
Heinze, JoshCantonExempt
Hooks, JoeCommerce TwpExempt
Hudson, Brett Bloomfield HillsKnollwood Country Club
Hughes, BryceLakeshoreClio Country Club
Jackson, TaylorAnn ArborSt. Clair Golf Club
Jankowski, MattGrosse Pointe ShoresPine Lake Country Club
Johnson, Chad LivoniaPine Lake Country Club
Kelley, MikeNightmare
Kives, SteveBloomfield HillsPine Lake Country Club
Kneen, JakeWhite LakePolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Kollin, MaxFarmington HillsExempt
Lendzion, SpencerRochester HillsPine Lake Country Club
LeVan, DavidAnn ArborPine Lake Country Club
Marshall, BrentRives JunctionExempt
Massa, NickLivoniaPine Lake Country Club
May, JasonOakland Knollwood Country Club
McKalko, Steve TroyExempt
Messner, BryceHowellKnollwood Country Club
Montpas, JoeFlushingClio Country Club
Multer, JaredBattle CreekPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Nunn, EricDewittKaufman Golf Course
Oakes, SeanRoyal OakPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Oliphant, DavidRoyal OakPine Lake Country Club
Park, NickHowellExempt
Petrovich, KyleW Bloomfield Pine Lake Country Club
Petzak, BrandonYpsilantiKaufman Golf Course
Piot, GlennCantonPine Lake Country Club
Piot, JamesCantonSt. Clair Golf Club
Radom, JakeHuntington WoodsKnollwood Country Club
Rayman, TylerotsegoKaufman Golf Course
Ritchie, PhilipNoviPine Lake Country Club
Roberts, KoryBattle CreekExempt
Rodes, KylePlymouthExempt
Sarokin, AndrewNoviKnollwood Country Club
Schaffler, PatrickTraverse CityNightmare
Schooff, JohnGrosse Pointe FarmsPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Singh, ManakTroyPine Lake Country Club
Smith, AndrewTroyKnollwood Country Club
Sorentino, AnthonyShelby Twp.Exempt
Spayd, SammyLivoniaKnollwood Country Club
Spencer, EricBloomfield HillsPine Lake Country Club
Stevens, TomNorthvillePolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Stevens, AndrewNorthvilleKnollwood Country Club
Stimac, JosephLansingClio Country Club
Strickland, Scott BLOOMFLD HLSExempt
Sullivan , TomGrosse PteKnollwood Country Club
Trosper, DonnieCantonClio Country Club
Ulle, MikeyNoviPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Vaclav, DavidFlat RockExempt
Vanderburg, AndrewEau ClaireKaufman Golf Course
VanderHagen, MartinMacombPolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
Vincent, DeavenClioClio Country Club
Vozza, ChrisBloomfield HillsKnollwood Country Club
Watkins, AlexanderCantonKnollwood Country Club
Weller, JackSwartz CreekClio Country Club
Werkmeister, TomGrandvilleExempt
White, AdamNorthvillePolo Fields Golf & Country Club (Polo Fields - Washtenaw)
White, MitchellMuskegonExempt
Winiarski, NicholasFlushingNightmare
Zyber, BenSwartz CreekNightmare
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