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Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Areddy, RobertRochester HillsLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Ash, PaulBrightonLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Badgley, NicholasKALAMAZOOPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Banghart, DavidHOWELLPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Bernardara, EricLIVONIAPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Blank, AndyFranklinPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Bohikian, DickronBrightonLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Brown, MichaelMarshallLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Camalo, MikeWyomingLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Camalo, MatthewPLYMOUTHLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Cummings, AndrewPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Dalimonte, RichardOrchard LakeEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Dietz, WilliamLivoniaPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Dixon, WilliamsAnn ArborLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Engler, JeffHowellAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Evans, AnthonySouthfieldEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Fagan, DavidClinton TownshipLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Fante, ScottCantonEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Firek, FrankRoyal OakEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Frayne, MikeWest bloomfieldEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Gillis, JeffreyCommerce TwpEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Harmych, WilliamYpsilantiPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Hayes, MichaelWhite LakeEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Holowicki, MarkNorthvillePheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Kleiner, MichaelClawsonPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
McHale, JackMACOMBEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Molnar, AlWest BloomfieldEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Mulhern, TomMacombEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Nelson, NeilNORTHVILLELakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Redmond, RandyHollyPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Renel, Martinwest bloomfieldLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
Righettini, BradWixomEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Ross, DustinGarden CityPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Sakraida-Wilshere, StephenBLOOMFIELD HILLSEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Singh, MadhupCantonPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Stock, KennethFerndalePheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Stokes, AntonioFARMINGTON HILLSAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Swan, KeithWhite LakeEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Swartz, DavidCommerce TwpEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Szymanski, Steven Rochester HillsExemptMen's
Taylor, MichaelSterling HeightsAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Von Bernthal, HansW BloomfieldEdgewood Country ClubMen's
Wenzel, ScottCantonPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Wiley, DoyleDetroitLakelands Golf & Country ClubMen's
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Aikin, TerryRoyal OakAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Anker, JimOrionAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Anker, JohnMetamoraAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Bales, ThomANN ARBORLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Bremer, RobertWixomPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Bruce, DouglasWest BloomfieldAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Burket, JohnShelby TWpAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Cieslak, JimROCHESTEREdgewood Country ClubSenior
Deel, GregBLOOMFLD HLSPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
DeNino, JoeTAYLORPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
DeSantis, RickBathLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Feiler, FredBrightonLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Fox, JonBingham FarmsEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Germain, JackPunta GordaLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Gilligan, JohnDavisonLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Glotzhober, RobertNoviEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Grill, PaulByronLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Harmala, DougWalled LakePheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Hendricks, MarcusInksterPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Hollander, TomAnn ArborLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Houran, TimBrightonLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Ishii, CreightonRoyse cityEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Long, RichardE LansingLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Magnotte, MattMACOMBAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Manning, CarlNoviEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Messer, GregoryAlmontEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Millis, TimLake OrionEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Mlynarczyk, JamesNorthvilleExemptSenior
Moline, JamesNorthvilleEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Moore, JDGaylordAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Pearson, GregLincolnEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Piazza, MichaelALLEN PARKPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Rachner, RichBrightonLakelands Golf & Country ClubSenior
Sanford, LeonWyandottePheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Schulte, GeorgeWest BloomfieldEdgewood Country ClubSenior
Sheill, JohnClarkstonAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior
Tiltman, BobCLAWSONExemptSenior
Tolonen, TomTroyPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Tramski, HaroldPort HuronPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
Weems, DavidDearborn HtsPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior
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