37th Michigan Junior State Amateur
Polo Fields Golf & Country Clubs (Polo Fields Washtenaw)
July 27 - July 30, 2015
Presented By:
Championship History
Year Champion Site
2017  Ben  Smith Eagle Eye GC Match Play 
2017 Patrick  Sullivan Eagle Eye GC
Stroke Play
2016  Tony  Fuentes  Point O' Woods G&CC  Stroke Play
2016  Ben Smith Point O' Woods G&CC Match Play
2015 Donnie
P.F. - Washtenaw Stroke Play
2015 James
P.F. - Washtenaw Match Play
2014 Domenic Mancinelli Battle Creek CC Stroke Play
2014 James Kneen Battle Creek CC Match Play
2013 Francesco Ruffino Radrick Farms Stroke Play
2013 Donnie Trosper Radrick Farms Match Play
2012 Sam Weatherhead Flint GC Stroke Play
2012 Mike Nagy Flint GC Match Play
2011 Evan Bowser The Medalist GC Stroke Play
2011 Henry Do The Medalist GC Match Play
2010 Joey Garber Dearborn CC Stroke Play
2010 Joey Garber Dearborn CC Match Play
2009 Joey Garber Pine Lake CC Stroke Play
2009 Jordan Fletcher Pine Lake CC Match Play
2008 Joey Garber Forest Akers West Stroke Play
2008 Blake English Forest Akers West Match Play
2007 Philip Snow Prestwick Village Stroke Play
2007 Dave Ellis Prestwick Village Match Play
2006 Matthew Thompson Yarrow G & CC Stroke Play
2006 Philip Gieseker Yarrow G & CC Match Play
2005 Lee Keselowski The Moors GC Stroke Play
2005 Aaron Peterson The Moors GC Match Play
2004 Andrew Ladwig Glacier Club Stroke Play
2004 Luigi Spadafora Glacier Club Match Play
2003 Brendan Gielow Battle Creek CC Stroke Play
2003 Steven Cuzzort Battle Creek CC Match Play
2002 Matt Harmon Barton Hills CC Stroke Play
2002 Ryan Brehm Barton Hills CC Match Play
2001 Jim Roney Coldwater CC Stroke Play
2001 Patrick Wilkes-Krier Coldwater CC Match Play
2000 Matt Neusel Univ. of Michigan GC Stroke Play
2000 Adam White Univ. of Michigan GC Match Play
1999 Andrew Klein White Pine Nat. GC
1998 Derek Arnett Bay City CC
1997 Andrew Chapman The Quest Golf Club
1996 Danny Janson; Forest Akers West
1995 Mike Harris The Pines Golf Club
1994 Mike Harris Matheson Greens GC
1993 Matt McDougall Bloomfield Hills CC
1992 Rob Schlissberg Travis Pointe CC
1991 Isaac Hinkle Pine River CC
1990 Tony Daggett Verona Hills GC
1989 Ron Cole Owosso CC
1988 Tim Hux Walnut Hills CC
1987 Roger Trevisan Flushing Valley G&CC
1986 Mike Anderson Chemung Hills CC
1985 Tom Wilson Verona Hills GC
1984 Eric Kuhlman Kalamazoo CC
1983 David Kleckner Bay City CC
1982 Rob Nagle Black River CC
1981 Todd Marston Arbor Hills CC
1980 Josh Mondry Midland CC
1979 Steven Wakulsky Spring Meadows CC
1978 Steven Ellsworth Clio CC
1977 Arthur Levin Flint Golf Club
1976 J. Scott Campbell Owosso CC
1975 Joe Mooris Port Huron GC
1975 Steve Bearden Port Huron GC
1974 Rob Brewster Monroe CC
1973 Jeff Roth Saginaw CC
1972 Mark Promack Lenawee CC
1971 Kip Byrne Walnut Hills CC
1970 Kip Byrne Kalamazoo CC

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