Championship Results
1Harris, Ian71Champion
 Olsen, Jim71Runner-Up
 Zylstra, Bill71 
4Jona, Ron72 
 Fedewa, Mike72 
 Maddalena, Steve72 
7Fugenschuh, David73 
 Self, Charlie73 
9Tungate, Mike74 
10Green, Billy75 
 Hegarty, Jim75 
12Kuhns, Ted76 
 Raymond, Mike76 
14Ward, William77 
15Carson, Bob78 
 Fender, James78 
 Djurdjev, Fred78 
18Long, Larry79 
 Pumford, Al79 
20Bratschi, Tedd80 
 Quintana, Gregory80 
 Uhrin, Dave80 
23Slater, Mark81 
 Lane, Jeff81 
25Madden, Mike82 
26Linden, David91 
1Benford, Donna72 
2Schmid, Barbara77 
3Rogers, Deb79 
4Garety, Joan80 
5Lauer, Ann83 
6Weiss, Shelly84 
 Rhodes, Suzanne84 
8Rowlands, Mary Grace85 
9Zeigler, Chris93 
10Cabot, Pam94 
11Ponikiewski, Lauri999DNS
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