93rd GAM Championship
Red Run Golf Club
August 4 - August 5, 2014
Presented By:
Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying Site
Anderson, MichaelNorthvilleDearborn Country Club
Andrus, JordanPinckneyOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Baker, CaseyNoviExempt
Barnes, JimBloomfield HillsScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Belcher, KrisWyandotteLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Benson, MattArbor Hills Golf Club
Berg, JohnBloomfield TwpMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Black, OttoPinckneyArbor Hills Golf Club
Boghikian, RazmigWest BloomfieldLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Bowser, EvanDearbornExempt
Catto, JoelWixomLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Champine, JeffRochester HillsExempt
Chapman, AndrewTraverse CityExempt
Christie, ChuckRoyal OakExempt
Cioch, RyanLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Clark, NathanDewittExempt
Conflitti, JeffreyPlymouthDearborn Country Club
Crandall, RickFenton Links at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Dagenais, JerryTroyScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Davies, GregW BloomfieldExempt
Dombrowski, AlexanderGaylordMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Donohoe, BrianRochester HillsDearborn Country Club
Eccleton, AustinJacksonArbor Hills Golf Club
Gaines, KyleOxfordOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Gieselman, Thomas Commerce Twp.Exempt
Gilman, ZackScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Gizzarelli, GeneWest Bloomfield Scalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Glod, BenBloomfieldArbor Hills Golf Club
Goldi, MatthewOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Goslin, TrevorDearborn Dearborn Country Club
Harris, IanBloomfield HillsOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Hayward, BrianGrand RapidsStoneWater Country Club
Heinze, JoshCantonOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Hitt, DeanJacksonArbor Hills Golf Club
Hooks, JoeCommerce TwpOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Ignasiak, MikeSalineExempt
Jallos, NickPlymouthLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Johnson, RyanNew BostonScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Jue, ChristopherMidlandMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Kleckner, AlexCommerceOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Kneen, JakeWhite LakeLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Knudson, JeffBeverly HillsMichaywe Pines Golf Course
Knutson, AaronLake OrionScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Kollin, MaxFarmington HillsDearborn Country Club
Lendzion, SpencerRochester HillsOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Lewis, BenHollandStoneWater Country Club
Lewis, RandyAlmaExempt
Lyall, AlexanderNorthvilleStoneWater Country Club
Markham, ThomasRochester HillsLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Marshall, BrentRives JunctionArbor Hills Golf Club
Matthiesen, RobertMasonDearborn Country Club
May, JasonOakland Scalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
McKalko, Steve TroyOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Messner, BryceHowellOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Meyers, BradDearbornDearborn Country Club
Miller, BrianLake OrionDearborn Country Club
Mills, GrantRoyal OakOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Monteith, BillDearbornDearborn Country Club
Multer, JaredBattle CreekStoneWater Country Club
Myers, AndrewLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Nichols, SteveE LansingOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Piesko, DouglasOxfordScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Prato, ThomasDearbornDearborn Country Club
Pumford, AlSt CharlesArbor Hills Golf Club
Quigley, JohnSt Clair ShoresScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)
Quitiquit, BrettHighlandOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Rabourn, BenjaminGrand RapidsExempt
Radom, MarkHuntington WoodsDearborn Country Club
Ritchie, PhilipNoviLinks at Gateway (Gateway Golf Club)
Robinson, MarkClinton TownshipDearborn Country Club
Robinson, MarcusOakland TwpDearborn Country Club
Ryeson, ChetMetamoraOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Schleicher, ErikExempt
Smith, DavidHighlandArbor Hills Golf Club
Sorentino, AnthonyShelby Twp.Exempt
Stark, SamOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Strickland, Scott BLOOMFLD HLSExempt
Truesdell, BaileyGrand BlancDearborn Country Club
Waelchli, AlexClarkstonArbor Hills Golf Club
Walraven, JonArbor Hills Golf Club
Werkmeister, TomGrandvilleExempt
White, BrettCaledoniaStoneWater Country Club
Willnow, AlexArbor Hills Golf Club
Zoerhoff, MichaelCaledoniaStoneWater Country Club
Zylstra, BillDearborn HtsExempt
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