Championship Results
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total 
1Harris, Ian7070Medalist
2Reynolds, Greg7171Qualified
Lewis, Randy7171Qualified
4Petrovich, Scott7272Qualified
Van Assen, Craig7272Qualified
Wilson, Mitch7272Qualified
7Vaughan, Larry7373Qualified
8Parker, Michael7474Qualified
Emsley, Ray7474Qualified
Zylstra, Bill7474Qualified
Peck, Martin7474Qualified
12Rex Jr, Tom7575Qualified
Sequite, Mike7575Qualified
Fedewa, Mike7575Qualified
15Edwards, Charles 7676Qualified
Herpich, Rick7676Qualified
Roehrig, Robert7676Qualified
18Davis, Stephen 7777Qualified
Tuttle, Gray7777Qualified
Perrine, Ron7777Qualified
Hegarty, Jim7777Qualified
22Beems, John7878Qualified
Lychos Jr., John7878Qualified
Messer, Gregory7878Qualified
Moore, Terry7878Qualified
26Krick, Barry7979Qualified
Leonard, Kirk7979Qualified
Raymond, Mike7979Qualified
Anderson, Doug7979Qualified
Vandermass, Bill7979Qualified
Armstrong, John7979Qualified
32Senkowski, Tom8080NULL
Thomasma, Dave8080NULL
Blake, Jerry8080NULL
Berezak, Mike8080NULL
Greenwood, Ken8080Qualified
John, Craig8080NULL
Lambarth, Lee8080NULL
Tramski, Harold8080NULL
40Knudson, Jeff8181NULL
Goldstein, Steve8181NULL
Dooley, Roger8181NULL
Eberhard, Thomas8181NULL
Slater, Mark8181NULL
Quitiquit, Gary8181NULL
46Bach, Jon8282NULL
Monaghan, James8282NULL
Foster, Ken8282NULL
Gottlieb, Jeff8282NULL
Molnar, Al8282NULL
Feiten, Kerry8282NULL
Mann, Mark 8282NULL
Longeway, Dan8282NULL
Landsberg, James8282NULL
O'Connor, Michael8282NULL
Martindale, Brian8282NULL
Tungate, Mike8282NULL
Pearsall, Randall8282NULL
Simmons, Donald8282NULL
60Gordon, David8383NULL
McAnulty, Gerard8383NULL
Kohn, Mike8383NULL
Schultheiss, Roy8383NULL
64Wilson, Bob8484NULL
Bostik, Andrew8484NULL
Mullett, Don8484NULL
Runyan, Tim8484NULL
Parks, Stephan 8484NULL
Longeway, Woody8484NULL
Chaben, Steve8484NULL
Liphardt, Donald8484NULL
Swanson, Mark8484NULL
Fiedorek, Paul8484NULL
Paquette, Rick8484NULL
75Smith, Timothy8585NULL
76Juett, J. Lee 8686NULL
Stefanek, Gregg8686NULL
78Provot, Phil8787NULL
Potter, Keith8787NULL
Moores, Tom8787NULL
Camalo, Craig8787NULL
Uhrin, Bob8787NULL
83Horton, Frank 8989NULL
Sauer, Bob8989NULL
Jones, Steve8989NULL
86Smith, Bernard9090NULL
87Pratt, John9191NULL
88West, Keith9292NULL
Malis, George9292NULL
90Moore, JD9696NULL
91Koepke, James9898NULL
92Yeager, Phillip 
Madden, Mike 
Jeske, Stephen  
Halle, RogerDQ
Zak, Dennis 
Vidergar, Lyle 
Super Senior
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total 
1Smith, Rick7474Co-Medalist
French, John7474Co- Medalist
3Hagenbach, Rick7575Qualified
Phillips, Michael7575Qualified
5McTear, David7676Qualified
Christenson, Mark7676Qualified
7Layman, Robert7777Qualified
Lindholm, John7777Qualified
Russell, Jim7777Qualified
Kempner, Dave7777Qualified
11Johnston, Claud7878Qualified
Dillon, George7878Qualified
13Cykowski, Mark7979Qualified
14Redmond, Tim8080Qualified
Hogard, Lawrence8080Qualified
16O'Neill, Michael8181Qualified
17Murphy, Denis8282
Grant, Bob8282
19Cunningham, Kerry8383
Goble, Dick8383
Yachcik, Larry8383
Kuhl, Roger8383
23Gregg, Daniel8484
O'Donovan, John8484
Sheldon, Bill8484
26McQuarrie, Neil8585
Downs, Thomas8585
Savage, Ken8585
29Mile, Chris8686
Kukes, Mike8686
Lane, Bob8686
MacDonald, Jim8686
33Mangan, Tim8787
34Hawker, Mike8888
Kutney, Frank8888
36Nickerson, Gary9191
37Welsh, Rod9292
38Larson, Don9595
Clement, Tom9595
40Williamson, MalcolmWD
Behymer, FredWD
Doerr, PeteWD
Gasper, Steve 
Solomon, StevenWD
Blank, Dick 
Thrasher, JohnWD
Trebilcock, JimWD
Moores, Jack 
O'Connor, Thomas 
Fenby, Jerry 
Brown, Jack 
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