Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Allemon, Ken WarrenScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Allio, RickWhite LakePheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Badgley, ChristopherTrentonPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Badgley, NicholasWoodhavenPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Ball, RobertDETROITPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Battisti, KevinHarper WoodsScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Boes, TimWestlandPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Bohikian, DickronBrightonWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Compagnari, ZozSouthfieldPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Crockett, Richard ChesterfieldPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
DeGrazia, AlbertCantonWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Dudek, NicholasBrownstownPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Evans, JeffOrchard LakePheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Fagan, DavidClinton TownshipWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Fulkerson, DaveOaklandWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Garlock, MarcPortageArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Givhan, JustinSavoyArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Grusecki, AaronCantonPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Haddad, Paul MidlandScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Hayes, MichaelWhite LakeWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Heyboer, DavidPort HuronWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Jones, DwaineCantonScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Kazmierski, JeffreyHarbor SpringsArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Klecha, SteveFarmington HillsWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Kromrei, BrianGrosse Ile Western Golf & Country ClubMen's
LaCourse, ScottBig RapidsArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Lee, RobertMacombScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Littleton, JosephNoviPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Mancini, PaulCLARKSTONWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Marques, StevenRichmondScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Molnar, AlWest BloomfieldPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Morin, KevinWhite LakeWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Mulhern, TomMacombArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Noble, LukePlymouthWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
ONeill, MattLivoniaPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Pinter, CharlesGrosse Pointe ParkWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Putman, DanAnn ArborArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Redmond, RandyHollyPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Ross, DustinGarden CityWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Schlotterer, RichardCommerce TwpWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Shannon, PatrickMilanPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Shipley, LonnieRochester HillsWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Smiddy, ScottWYANDOTTEWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Stevenson, MikeHighlandPheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Stock, KennethFerndalePheasant Run Golf ClubMen's
Stokes, AntonioFARMINGTON HILLSScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Vande Vrede, JustinClinton Twp.Scalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Von Bernthal, HansW BloomfieldWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Waters, BarryMidlandScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Men's
Williams, SamplymouthArbor Hills Golf ClubMen's
Williams, BrianDexterWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Senior Men's
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Armstrong, JeffE LansingArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Bergmann, MichaelChesterfieldScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
Black, ArthurBrightonArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Brown, JackLake IsabellaScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
Bruce, GeraldAnn ArborWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Burns, PatrickGrosse Pointe WoodsWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Cannata, MichaelSaranacArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Carollo, StephenShelby TownshipScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
Deane, BrendanMacombWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
December, TomBirminghamScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
DeNino, JoeTAYLORPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior Men's
Fisher, PaulSHELBY TWPScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
Fox, JonBingham FarmsWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Germain, JackPunta GordaArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Glotzhober, RobertNoviWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Grill, PaulByronExemptSenior Men's
Halle, RogerCHESTERFIELDWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Hendricks, MarcusInksterWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Hoelscher, JohnCantonPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior Men's
Hollander, TomAnn ArborPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior Men's
Houran, TimBrightonArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Kildea, TerryEast LansingArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Leighton, BrianMesaWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Magnotte, MattMACOMBWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
McCurry, JohnW BloomfieldWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Messer, GregoryAlmontScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
Moline, JamesNorthvillePheasant Run Golf ClubSenior Men's
Monger, BillBrightonWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Piazza, MichaelALLEN PARKPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior Men's
Sonnenschein, DavidWest BloomfieldWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Stephanic, MarkGrand RapidsArbor Hills Golf ClubSenior Men's
Tramski, HaroldPort HuronWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Weems, DavidDearborn HtsScalawags Golf Club (Scalawags)Senior Men's
Wiley, DoyleDetroitPheasant Run Golf ClubSenior Men's
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