Championship Field
Senior Division
NameHome TownFlight
Adams, Fred Bloomfield HillsSenior Division
Anderson, DougBay CitySenior Division
Babiuk, MichaelHowellSenior Division
Bach, JonRoyal OakSenior Division
Beckett, JeffTroySenior Division
Benham, DaveNoviSenior Division
Birk, TimYpsilantiSenior Division
Blake, JerryLansingSenior Division
Borio, EdBeverly HillsSenior Division
Bostik, AndrewSan AngeloSenior Division
Boukamp, John Bloomfield HillsSenior Division
Camalo, CraigAnn ArborSenior Division
Chosid, PaulWest BloomfieldSenior Division
Christenson, MarkFlintSenior Division
Collier, JimLansingSenior Division
Colson, JamesGROSSE PT WDSSenior Division
Cumberland, GlennBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Davis, DouglasYpsilantiSenior Division
DeNino, JoeTAYLORSenior Division
Deschaw, LarryPlymouthSenior Division
Devendorf, DavidLecantoSenior Division
Dillon, GeorgeMidlandSenior Division
Donohue, DanielNoviSenior Division
Dooley, RogerPlymouthSenior Division
Edwards, Charles NoviSenior Division
Emsley, RayDavisburgSenior Division
Engelman, MarkGrand BlancSenior Division
Fedewa, MikeCantonSenior Division
Fiedorek, PaulCharlevoixSenior Division
Francoeur, JohnAdrianSenior Division
Geiling, KirkSenior Division
Goldstein, SteveAnn ArborSenior Division
Gomez, AngelDearbornSenior Division
Gordon, DavidAnn ArborSenior Division
Graham, DavidLake OrionSenior Division
Greenwood, KenWindsorSenior Division
Grennan, JohnWarrenSenior Division
Grow, JASenior Division
Guyselman, CharlesDewittSenior Division
Guyselman, TimLansingSenior Division
Halle, RogerCHESTERFIELDSenior Division
Harris, IanBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Hegarty, JimGrand RapidsSenior Division
Heins, DougSPRING LAKESenior Division
Herpich, RickOrchard Lake Senior Division
Hiscock, JeffSouth LyonSenior Division
Hoevel, MorrieOkemosSenior Division
Immel, JohnBridgmanSenior Division
Johnson, RobertBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Jones, SteveHarrison TownshipSenior Division
Juett, J. Lee Bloomfield HillsSenior Division
Kamps, JimGrand RapidsSenior Division
Kane, DennisNaples Senior Division
Kelmigian, MikeFarmington HillsSenior Division
Kempner, DaveAnn ArborSenior Division
Klein, JeffW BloomfieldSenior Division
Knudson, JeffBeverly HillsSenior Division
Kohlmeier, GuySarniaSenior Division
Kohlmeier, JaceSarniaSenior Division
Kohn, MikeBeldingSenior Division
Kostrzewa, DanielTraverse CitySenior Division
Kotarba , AndrewLansingSenior Division
Kuhl, RogerJacksonSenior Division
Lambert, BradRochester HillsSenior Division
Landsberg, JamesFarmington HillsSenior Division
Leonard, KirkW BloomfieldSenior Division
Longeway, WoodyBrightonSenior Division
Longeway, DanBrightonSenior Division
Lychos Jr., JohnNoviSenior Division
Mac Donald, AlanWindsorSenior Division
Malis, GeorgeGrosse Pointe WoodsSenior Division
Mann, Mark Ann ArborSenior Division
Martindale, BrianPetoskeySenior Division
McIntosh, Paul Bloomfield HillsSenior Division
Menzies , AlanPlymouthSenior Division
Mitchelson, CareyOkemosSenior Division
Moore, TerryGrand RapidsSenior Division
Moore, ChristopherdavisburgSenior Division
Mutz, CharlesClarkstonSenior Division
Ochsankehl, MarkCaledoniaSenior Division
Ogilvie, GarryLake OrionSenior Division
Paquette, RickBelle RiverSenior Division
Parks, Stephan Grand RapidsSenior Division
Perrine, RonHoltSenior Division
Potter, KeithFarmington HillsSenior Division
Pratt, JohnSterling HeightsSenior Division
Price, RichardHarbor SpringsSenior Division
Quitiquit, GaryHighlandSenior Division
Raymond, MikeJacksonSenior Division
Reynolds, GregGrand BlancSenior Division
Richart, JohnAnn ArborSenior Division
Robertson, BillNorthvilleSenior Division
Robinson, DavidBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Roehrig, RobertBloomfield HillsSenior Division
Runyan, TimSt Clair ShoresSenior Division
Russ, RonFarmington HillsSenior Division
Russell, JimStevensvilleSenior Division
Scheuer, RobertW BloomfieldSenior Division
Schultheiss, RoyBay CitySenior Division
Schultz, DennisTroySenior Division
Sequite, MikeMarshallSenior Division
Shaffran, EdwardAnn ArborSenior Division
Sheckell, FrankBirminghamSenior Division
Simmons, DonaldNorthvilleSenior Division
Slater, MarkCross VillageSenior Division
Smith, RickTroySenior Division
Stauffer, TomCaledoniaSenior Division
Stollsteimer, JackAnn ArborSenior Division
Switzer, JeffAnn ArborSenior Division
Thaxton, GaryTraverse CitySenior Division
Thomas, KevinRiverviewSenior Division
Tramski, HaroldPort HuronSenior Division
Tungate, MikeE LansingSenior Division
Tuttle, GrayPinehurstSenior Division
Uhrin, BobCommerceSenior Division
Ulicny , JohnOxfordSenior Division
Van Assen, CraigGrandvilleSenior Division
Vandermass, BillNoviSenior Division
Vaughan, LarryGreensboroSenior Division
Walsh, TonyMacombSenior Division
Weshalek, StephenTaylorSenior Division
West, KeithWixomSenior Division
WOHLGAMUTH, RICKSouth Lyon Senior Division
WOOD, STEPHENSouthfieldSenior Division
Wunderlich, DickAnn ArborSenior Division
Yachcik, LarryGrand Rapids Senior Division
Yeager, PhillipGrand RapidsSenior Division
Zylstra, BillDearborn HtsSenior Division
Super Senior Division
NameHome TownFlight
Andrews, BarryDearbornSuper Senior Division
Balmer, FritzLindenSuper Senior Division
Batdorff, StevenBloomfield HillsSuper Senior Division
Beltz, JimRochester HillsSuper Senior Division
Bradley, DonOxfordSuper Senior Division
Buffington, Barry LLake OrionSuper Senior Division
Cunningham, KerryGrosse PteSuper Senior Division
Cykowski, MarkRochester HillsSuper Senior Division
Czarnik, JohnTrentonSuper Senior Division
Davis, CliffordRochester HillsSuper Senior Division
French, JohnSanta MonicaSuper Senior Division
Fridholm, RogerHOBE SOUNDSuper Senior Division
Gasper, SteveBirminghamSuper Senior Division
Green, PeterFranklinSuper Senior Division
Grimm, BobPlymouthSuper Senior Division
Hancock, John S RockwoodSuper Senior Division
Jimeson, RussAdaSuper Senior Division
Kenealy, MichaelBLOOMFLD HLSSuper Senior Division
Kim, KyuBloomfield HillsSuper Senior Division
Klein, RobertLa JollaSuper Senior Division
Kukes, MikeBirminghamSuper Senior Division
Layman, RobertBloomfield TownshipSuper Senior Division
McQuarrie, NeilAnn ArborSuper Senior Division
Moore, TimWest OliveSuper Senior Division
O'Connor, ThomasBirminghamSuper Senior Division
O'Donovan, JohnGrand RapidsSuper Senior Division
O'Neill, MichaelTroySuper Senior Division
Olah, VicTroySuper Senior Division
Renton, SteveGaylordSuper Senior Division
Saputo, PeteBloomfield HillsSuper Senior Division
Strobl, TomBLOOMFIELD HILLSSuper Senior Division
Swartz, DouglasPortageSuper Senior Division
Tabor, DennisLudingtonSuper Senior Division
Vomastek, RoyMarionSuper Senior Division
Welsh, RodBloomfield HillsSuper Senior Division
Williams, J BryanBirminghamSuper Senior Division
Winn, Royboyne citySuper Senior Division
Wirtz, JimLecantoSuper Senior Division
Wuetrich, LarryLansingSuper Senior Division
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