Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying Site
Aldrich, RobAnn ArborSpring Meadows Country Club
Anderson, AdamPortageGull Lake Country Club
Anderson, SteveTroyPine Lake Country Club
Andrus, JordanPinckneyOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Baker, CaseyNoviExempt
Barnes, JimBloomfield HillsGowanie Golf Club
Bastion, BradShelby TownshipGowanie Golf Club
Beeler, Cameron OxfordPine Lake Country Club
Benson, MattGrand LedgeGowanie Golf Club
Bourbeau, MichaelOrchard LakePine Lake Country Club
Bowser, EvanDearbornOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Brady, MatthewRochesterPine Lake Country Club
Campbell, NickAnn ArborPine Lake Country Club
Carras, JohnMidlandDeer Run @ Lakes Of The North (Lakes of the North - Deer Run Golf Course)
Champine, JeffRochester HillsGowanie Golf Club
Chapman, AndrewTraverse CityExempt
Clark, NathanDewittGull Lake Country Club
Coffey, TimothyMidlandSpring Meadows Country Club
Conway, TommyBrightonOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Coriasso, MichaelWhite LakeExempt
Cubbin, DougBloomfield HillsPine Lake Country Club
Cunningham, ChrisPetoskeyExempt
Daigle, LeoWixomSpring Meadows Country Club
Dales, JimNorthvillePine Lake Country Club
Dalga, JaredGrand RapidsExempt
Dennis, NickWaterfordExempt
Dewling, JimmyBrightonOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Dobrin, DevonWhite LakePine Lake Country Club
Ellis, DaveNegauneeOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Ellis, IanNorthvilleSpring Meadows Country Club
Estrada, DerekHighlandOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Fedewa, MikeCantonSpring Meadows Country Club
Firavich, AdamHowellGull Lake Country Club
Fischer, DanDavisonSpring Meadows Country Club
Friel, SeanRochester HillsOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Gieseker, PhilSalineSpring Meadows Country Club
Hall, DavidBirminghamGowanie Golf Club
Hamilton, MarkBeverly HillsPine Lake Country Club
Harris, IanBloomfield HillsDeer Run @ Lakes Of The North (Lakes of the North - Deer Run Golf Course)
Horn, MichaelFentonSpring Meadows Country Club
Ignasiak, MikeSalineExempt
Jackson, TaylorAnn ArborOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Johnson, RyanNew BostonSpring Meadows Country Club
Johnson, DaveDavisonSpring Meadows Country Club
Jones, AlexHaslettPine Lake Country Club
Kalmink, JonGrosse Pte ParkGowanie Golf Club
Marks, MichaelRoyal OakExempt
Marsh, RobertBAY CITYDeer Run @ Lakes Of The North (Lakes of the North - Deer Run Golf Course)
Matthiesen, RobertMasonOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
McKalko, Steve TroyExempt
Mittelstaedt, BryanCommerce TwpOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Mory, ChrisHaslettExempt
Mouw, RyanMuskegonGowanie Golf Club
Murphy, JohnLansingGull Lake Country Club
Murphy, DuganOkemosGull Lake Country Club
Nelson, ErikRichlandGull Lake Country Club
Paterini, MattSalineSpring Meadows Country Club
Perrine, RonHoltPine Lake Country Club
Preuss, ZachRochester HillsPine Lake Country Club
Reynolds, GregGrand BlancExempt
Rider, JackPortageGull Lake Country Club
Russell, JimStevensvilleExempt
Schleicher, ErikGrosse Pte ShoresExempt
Sherman II, DeuceCaroSpring Meadows Country Club
Slade, SpencerSalineOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Sophiea, DougHighlandPine Lake Country Club
Stephens, MarkPlymouthPine Lake Country Club
Tischler, BrianHollyOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Tramski, HaroldPort HuronPine Lake Country Club
Troyer, JakeGrand BlancSpring Meadows Country Club
Tuttle, TrentDimondaleGull Lake Country Club
VandenBerg, KevinOswegoGull Lake Country Club
Wagner, MasonChelseaGowanie Golf Club
Werkmeister, TomGrandvilleExempt
Wilhelm, J.C.BirminghamGowanie Golf Club
Willnow, AlexAdrianGull Lake Country Club
Wittenbach, KyleLowellSpring Meadows Country Club
Wolberg, LyleHuntington WoodsPine Lake Country Club
Wunderlich, AlexAnn ArborPine Lake Country Club
Yeager, AndrewGrand RapidsGull Lake Country Club
Zausmer, MichaelW BloomfieldGowanie Golf Club
Zeoli, AlexROYAL OAKOak Pointe Country Club (Championship Course)
Zylstra, BillDearborn HtsExempt
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