Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Areddy, RobertRochester HillsAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Ash, PaulBrightonHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Banghart, DavidHOWELLWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Battisti, KevinHarper WoodsGlacier ClubMen's
Bisby, MichaelMacombGlacier ClubMen's
Bond, DavidRochester HillsGlacier ClubMen's
Brandt, AdamAuburn HillsGlacier ClubMen's
Bur, DavidNoviGlacier ClubMen's
Buzo, RussellHarrison TownshipWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Compagnari, ZozSouthfieldWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Dalimonte, RichardOrchard LakeWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
DeGrazia, AlbertCantonAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Elliott, RichardRedfordWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Engler, JeffHowellHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Evans, JeffOrchard LakeHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Everett, ChadBronsonHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Galbraith, RonaldNorth StreetGlacier ClubMen's
Glenn, ScottTroyAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Green, ChrisNew HudsonHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Gregory, CharlesBirminghamHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Helwig, CraigCass CityAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Holowicki, MarkNorthvilleWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Hoppe, MichaelPleasant RidgeHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Johnson, MikeNoviWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Jones, DwaineCantonGlacier ClubMen's
Kidder, MikeAnn ArborWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Kozanecki, BrianFarmington HillsAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Kumar, AvinashRochester HillsGlacier ClubMen's
Kurtz, BillColdwaterAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Luther, MikeEast LansingHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
McHale, JackMACOMBAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Miller, BruceUnion CityAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Mulhern, TomMacombHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Naida, TomBeverly HillsWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Neal, ScottBullhead CItyHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Nelson, NeilNORTHVILLEGlacier ClubMen's
Nimer, SteveWolverine LakeWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Orzel, JeffWestlandWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Petrulis, AlTroyWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Pollock, DavidCLARKSTONAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Rachner, RickCommerce TwpAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Roney, JayHowellWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Scheller, MichaelHOWELLWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Sloan, StewartMacomb TwpAtlas Valley Country ClubMen's
Striker, SteveFarmington HillsWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Szymanski, Steven Rochester HillsGlacier ClubMen's
Tiltman, BillTroyWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Tranzow, JeraldMACOMBGlacier ClubMen's
Von Bernthal, HansW BloomfieldWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Weems, DavidDearborn HtsGlacier ClubMen's
Wiesner, JosephDetroitWestern Golf & Country ClubMen's
Wood, KentTraverse CityHawk Hollow Golf CourseMen's
Senior Men's
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Anker, JohnMetamoraAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
Brunning, DavidRochesterWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Cieslak, JimROCHESTERGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Cucinella, PeterBloomfield HillsAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
Dahn, DonaldBruceGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Feiten, DanCommerce TownshipWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Fisher, PaulSHELBY TWPWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Germain, JackPunta GordaHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
Grill, PaulByronHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
Grow, JAGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Ihrke, RickyOxfordGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Iovan, MarkWest BloomfieldWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Kildea, TerryEast LansingHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
Mccord, GaryDavisonWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
McHale, MichaelMACOMBAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
McTear, DavidRedfordWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Mero, RichCantonHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
Messer, GregoryAlmontWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Millis, TimLake OrionAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
Pearson, GregLincolnHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
PETERSON, MARKLivoniaHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
Piasecki, DavidFarmington HillsWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Praet, AlanWashington Twp.Glacier ClubSenior Men's
Rachner, RichBrightonAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
Schon, LarrySouthfieldGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Shu, JohnNorthvilleAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
Smyth, AllenBrightonWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Stephanic, MarkGrand RapidsHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Men's
Thomas, MarkDetroitWestern Golf & Country ClubSenior Men's
Tolonen, TomTroyGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Walker, ChrisGRAND BLANCAtlas Valley Country ClubSenior Men's
Young, DavidShelby TownshipGlacier ClubSenior Men's
Senior Women's
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Cook, AngelaYPSILANTIHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Women's
Fenner, JeannetteHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Women's
Garber, TrishPetoskeyHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Women's
Sajjavaro, DebraWhite LakeHawk Hollow Golf CourseSenior Women's
NameHome TownQualifying SiteFlight
Hauk, MaryCantonWestern Golf & Country ClubWomen's
Madej, SuzanneDetroitWestern Golf & Country ClubWomen's
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