100th Michigan Amateur
Boyne Highlands Resort (Heather Course)
June 21 - June 25, 2011
Championship Field
NameHome TownQualifying Site
Alessi, MattBloomfield HillsExempt
Alvey, AndyMilfordEdgewood Country Club
Amaya, YasuMilfordDearborn Country Club
Anderson, Charles Grand RapidsExempt
Anderson, AdamPortageArbor Hills Golf Club
Argall, MattGladstoneEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Baker, CaseyNoviExempt
Ball, JeremyBloomfield HillsEdgewood Country Club
Bardha, SazanBirminghamDearborn Country Club
Barley, JerredTiptonExempt
Barnes, JimBloomfield HillsGreat Oaks Country Club
Barribeau, DerekArbor Hills Golf Club
Barrows, BrandonLake OrionGreat Oaks Country Club
Bartnick, DavidLivoniaPheasant Run Golf Club
Bastion, BradShelby TownshipExempt
Beckett, JeffTroyClio Country Club
Beltzer, ChrisHaslettEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Bennett, AlexRochesterGreat Oaks Country Club
Bentley, MarkRochesterGreat Oaks Country Club
Bishop, BryanWinter GardenWalnut Creek Country Club
Bissell, GaryEast LansingGreat Oaks Country Club
Brace, AndrewPortlandEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Brady, MatthewRochesterDearborn Country Club
Brownback, DavidHaslettExempt
Carras, JohnMidlandBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Castellani, CarsonE LansingArbor Hills Golf Club
Champine, JeffRochester HillsExempt
Chestnut, JimmyRoyal OakExempt
Clark, WillEdgewood Country Club
Clark, NathanDewittArbor Hills Golf Club
Clore, SiegelDetroitDearborn Country Club
Coffey, TimothyMidlandGreat Oaks Country Club
Colburn, PatrickTraverse CityBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Conaway, TonyDavisonDearborn Country Club
Covert, ToddCommerce TwpEdgewood Country Club
Crandall, RickFenton Walnut Creek Country Club
Cunningham, RussDeWittExempt
Cunningham, ChrisPetoskeyDearborn Country Club
Dales, JimNorthvilleEdgewood Country Club
Dalga, JaredGrand RapidsSunnybrook Country Club
Davies, GregW BloomfieldExempt
Dennis, NickWaterfordDearborn Country Club
Devereaux, JoshSt JohnsEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Donohoe, BrianRochester HillsGreat Oaks Country Club
Dunigan, TobinJacksonArbor Hills Golf Club
Elliott, ChadRochesterGreat Oaks Country Club
Elliott, BradleySunfieldArbor Hills Golf Club
Ellis, IanNorthvillePheasant Run Golf Club
Ellis, DaveNegauneeBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Ellis, DanLANSINGBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Farner , Peter Commerce TwpEdgewood Country Club
Fauser, ThomasClintonPheasant Run Golf Club
Fedewa, MikeCantonPheasant Run Golf Club
Fedewa, SteveTroyPheasant Run Golf Club
Francis, RyanSwartz CreekClio Country Club
Fuller, MattClarkstonGreat Oaks Country Club
Garber, JoeyPetoskeyExempt
Gawronski, BenFentonPheasant Run Golf Club
Gieseker, PhilSalineWalnut Creek Country Club
Gniewek, PayneTrentonExempt
Golomb, NateBelmontSunnybrook Country Club
Green, CharlieAnn ArborGowanie Golf Club
Gunthorpe, JerryOvidClio Country Club
Gunthorpe, NickEAST LANSINGSunnybrook Country Club
Haksluoto, TylerSt Clair ShoresGowanie Golf Club
Harris, IanBloomfield HillsDearborn Country Club
Harrison, PhilHarbor SpringsBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Horn, MichaelFentonEdgewood Country Club
Hudson, Brett Bloomfield HillsDearborn Country Club
Ignasiak, MikeSalinePheasant Run Golf Club
Janasik, KevinFarmington Hills Gowanie Golf Club
Janke, AndrewBay CityClio Country Club
Jaschuk, ScottMilfordEdgewood Country Club
Jensen, PeteBoyne CityExempt
Jeppesen, MartinYpsilantiExempt
Johnson, BillBattle CreekGowanie Golf Club
Johnson, MattLansingEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Johnson, Chad LivoniaExempt
Johnson, EricMarquettePheasant Run Golf Club
Jones, AlexHaslettGowanie Golf Club
Kalmink, JonGrosse Pte ParkGowanie Golf Club
King, BrianCommerce TwpWalnut Creek Country Club
Kircher, StephenWalloon LakeExempt
Kish, RobbieWest BranchBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Klein, JeffW BloomfieldEdgewood Country Club
Klemet, KevinWhite LakeEdgewood Country Club
Kostrzewa, DanielTraverse CityBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Kotas, JudGrosse Pte FarmsGowanie Golf Club
Kreger, Austin Harrison TwpGowanie Golf Club
Langolf, TimothyDearborn Country Club
Laws, TylerPort HuronGowanie Golf Club
Lewis, RandyAlmaExempt
Lilleboe, EricExempt
Losey, JakeGrandvilleSunnybrook Country Club
Lyall, AlexanderNorthvillePheasant Run Golf Club
Mack III, WillieFlintExempt
Maddalena, SteveJacksonExempt
Manning, TylerNoviWalnut Creek Country Club
Matheison, BaileyKalamazooSunnybrook Country Club
May, JasonOakland Exempt
McKalko, Steve TroyGreat Oaks Country Club
Meisner, GregWaterfordEdgewood Country Club
Metz, StevenNorthvilleWalnut Creek Country Club
Mitroka, JackRiverviewClio Country Club
Moran, NickBirminghamGreat Oaks Country Club
Mouw, RyanMuskegonSunnybrook Country Club
Muller, GatesTraverse CityBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Murphy, JohnLansingArbor Hills Golf Club
Nagy, MikeManistique
O'Connor, BillBirminghamGowanie Golf Club
Olsen, CaseyOkemosGreat Oaks Country Club
Ostby, MattMount MorrisClio Country Club
Pafford, AddisonHollandClio Country Club
Peacock, BenArbor Hills Golf Club
Pendy, TommyGrosse Pointe FarmsGowanie Golf Club
Peterson, AaronAnn ArborExempt
Petrovich, ScottWest BloomfieldEdgewood Country Club
Preston, DrewAdaSunnybrook Country Club
Pumford, AlSt CharlesClio Country Club
Quitiquit, BrettHighlandWalnut Creek Country Club
Raymond, MikeJacksonArbor Hills Golf Club
Rider, JackPortageSunnybrook Country Club
Ronk, Rob ClarkstonExempt
Rosekrans, TrevorWilliamstonEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Ruffino, FrancescoBloomfield HillsExempt
Sander, JimHighlandPheasant Run Golf Club
Sauve, MarkClioClio Country Club
Schleicher, ErikGrosse Pte ShoresGreat Oaks Country Club
Schuitema, ScottNOVIGowanie Golf Club
Schultheiss, RoyBay CityClio Country Club
Schwartz, EzekielHortonEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Scott, ScottyMidlandEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Shinavier, MarkLake OrionClio Country Club
Shollack, DeanBrightonArbor Hills Golf Club
Siegel, JoelRockfordSunnybrook Country Club
Simons, GarrettGrand LedgeExempt
Slade, SpencerSalinePheasant Run Golf Club
Smith, AndrewTroyGreat Oaks Country Club
Smith, DannyNorthvilleWalnut Creek Country Club
Snow, MatthewNorthvilleDearborn Country Club
Sorentino, AnthonyShelby Twp.Great Oaks Country Club
Sowders, RodHarrison Twp Dearborn Country Club
Spears, RobSalinePheasant Run Golf Club
Spencer, EricBloomfield HillsExempt
Stanek, NickTraverse CityBoyne Mountain Resort (Alpine Course)
Sterling Jr., LarryShelby TwpDearborn Country Club
Stoll, JimHaslettEdgewood Country Club
Storrs, JeffHastingsArbor Hills Golf Club
Sullivan , TomGrosse PteDearborn Country Club
Szmadzinski, JosephNorthvilleGreat Oaks Country Club
Thompson, MatthewBattle Creek Arbor Hills Golf Club
Trierweiler, LucasPlainwellEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Tuttle, TrentDimondaleEmerald Golf Course (Emerald at Maple Creek)
Vaclav, DavidFlat RockExempt
VanBiesbrouck, BenMuskegonGreat Oaks Country Club
Vandenberg, ChetMartinExempt
Vogl, DustinBay CityClio Country Club
Wasso, KaleSouth HavenExempt
Werkmeister, TomGrandvilleExempt
White, AdamNorthvilleExempt
Wolberg, LyleHuntington WoodsWalnut Creek Country Club
Yeager, AndrewGrand RapidsArbor Hills Golf Club
Young, ErnieRochester HillsGowanie Golf Club
Yurmanovic, TomDearbornDearborn Country Club
Zajac, MattRochester HillsGowanie Golf Club
Zeller, GregJacksonArbor Hills Golf Club
Zoerhoff, MichaelCaledoniaSunnybrook Country Club
Zylstra, BillDearborn HtsExempt
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