Championship Pairings
GAM Senior Mid Am Team Championship - Plum Hollow CC

         1A        Hults*, Jay                     Beverly Hills

                         Harrison, Jeff                 Northville

                         McParlan*, Tom             Ann Arbor

                         Gizzarelli, Gene              Bloomfield Hills

            1B         Juett*, Lee                      Bloomfield Hills

                         Spencer, Eric                  Bloomfield Hills

                         Zylstra*, Bill                  Plymouth

                         Katanski, Tim                 Ypsilanti

            2A        Switzer*, Jeff                  Ann Arbor

                         Soriano, Jay                    Dexter

                         Raymond*, Mike            Jackson

                         Maddalena, Stephen       Jackson

            3A        Sequite*, Michael           Marshall

                         Myott, Brad                    Grand Ledge

                         Kuhl*, Roger                  Jackson

                         Patterson, Smith             Lansing

            4A        Sheak*, Jeffrey P            West Bloomfield

                         Divincenzo, Robert         Lake Orion

                         Russell*, Jim                  Stevensville

                         Anderson, Adam            Kalamazoo

            5A        Roehrig*, Robert J          Bloomfield Hills

                         Vozza, Chris                   Bloomfield Hills

                         Vandermass*, Bill          Novi

                         Anderson, Michael         Northville

            6A        Welsh*, Rod                   Bloomfield Hills

                         Welsh, Rod Jr                 Bloomfield Hills

                         French*, John H             Bloomfield Hills

                         Strickland, Scott             Birmingham

            6B         Korkoske*, Dennis        East Lansing

                         Brownback, David          Haslett

                         Borio*, Ed                      Birmingham

                         McMaster, Aaron           Ypsilanti

            7A        Fedewa*, Mike               Canton

                         Fedewa, Steven               Howell

                         McIntosh*, Paul M         Bloomfield Hills

                         Gieselman, Tom             Commerce Township

            8A        Poglits*, Bob                  West Bloomfield

                         Hall, David                     Birmingham

                         Johnson*, Thomas         Gobles

                         Rich, Jordan                   Okemos

            8B         Hoevel*, Morrie             Okemos

                         Nichols, Steve                East Lansing

                         Bernhardt*, Dave           Romeo

                         Champine, Jeff               Rochester Hills

            9A        Perrine*, Ron                 Holt

                         Harden, Ed                     Lansing

                         Carson*, Robert             Auburn Hills

                         Miller, Brian                   Lake Orion


10A      Herpich*, Rick               Orchard Lake

                         Herpich, Chris                Orchard Lake

                         Behymer*, Fred              East Lansing

                         Behymer, Fred                East Lansing

            11A      Jakubowski*, Jim           Grand Rapids

                         Rzeppa, Chris                 Rochester Hills

                         Janego*, Bill                   Owosso

                         Kong, Dana                    Owosso

            12A      O'Neill*, Michael            Troy

                         Deel, Greg                      Bloomfield Hills

                         Cotts*, Wayne                Hamilton

                         Lokers, Scott                  Hamilton

            13A      Spears*, Tom                 Berkley

                         McEwen, Steven             Ann Arbor

                         Marth*, Duane               Dearborn Heights

                         Marth, Brian                   Warren

            14A      Kozik, Jim                      Bloomfield Hills

                         Messner, Tom                Grand Blanc

                         Moore*, Doug                Dearborn

                         Shelton, John                  Dearborn

            15A      Hawker*, Mike               Munith

                         Hawker, Ethan                Howell

                         Merigan*, Gary              Shelby Township

                         Moores, Tom                 Holly

            16A      Lowen*, Bruce               Franklin

                         Rudin, Michael               West Bloomfield

                         Hagenbach*, Richard      Brighton

                         Brown, Curt                    Howell

            17A      Leebove*, Richard         Bloomfield Hills

                         Wayne, Mitchell             Bloomfield Hills

                         Krupa*, Gary                 Jackson

                         Huang, Shaun                 Jackson

            17B       Pirret*, Bill                     Bingham Farms

                         Wolberg, Lyle                 Huntington Woods

                         Lalonde*, William          Lake Orion

                         Gaines, Kevin                 Lake Orion

            18A      Bradley*, Don                Oxford

                         Dopke, Robert                Troy

                         Jawor*, Ted                    New Baltimore

                         Rowe, Jim                       Birmingham

            18B       Mlynarczyk*, Jim           Northville

                         Sutherland, Dan              Northville

                         West*, Keith                   Wixom

                         Kirsch, Rick                   West Bloomfield

*Denotes Player Eligible for Senior Honor Roll
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