Championship Pairings
Women's GAM Tournament of Club Champions

1          8:30      Li, Kathy                        Northville Hills GC

                         Savage, Cheryl               Twin Beach Country Club


            8:39      Pringle*, Suzy               CC of Jackson

                         Mate*, Jean                    Ann Arbor Golf & Outing


            8:48      Pemberton, Patty            Burning Tree G&CC

                         Broomall, Pam               West Shore G&CC

                         Krawinkel, Laura           Lincoln Hills/Springdale GC

            8:57      Lazzaro*, Judy               R & S Sharf

                         Elias*, Carol                  Gowanie GC

                         Upton*, Frances            Forest Dunes GC

            9:06      Miller, Mary Ellen         Plum Hollow CC

                         Pearson, Kay                  Lost Lake Woods GC

                         Lyon, Becky                  Verona Hills GC

            9:15      Leone, Diane                  Edgewood CC

                         Ruthven, Pam                Birmingham CC

                         Dobkin, Suzanne           Wabeek CC

            9:24      Weiss, Michele              Shenandoah GC

                         Keane, Susie                  CC of Detroit

                         Martenson, Jennifer       Grosse Ile G&CC         

1          9:33      Obermeyer*, Cindy       Katke Cousins

                         Coyne*, Nancy              WMGA

                         Garber*, Trish               CC of Boyne

            9:42      Madill-Gibbs, Valerie    Atlas Valley CC

                         Sereno, Brandy              Boulder Pointe GC

                         Canto, Cheryl Ann         Marysville GC

            9:51      Pospiech*, Lori              Grand Haven GC

                         Rogers*, Deb                 Blythefield CC

                         Wangrud*, Debbie         Wyndgate           

            10:00    Manley, Joanne              Orchard Lake CC

                         Roth, Marcy                   Cascade Hills CC

                         Purdie, Margo                Essex G&CC

            10:09    Weaver, Meredith          Detroit Golf Club

                         Petrovich, Mary             Pine Lake CC

                         Cenko*, Claudia            Oakland Hills CC

            10:18    Stocker, Darci                The Fortress

                         Hartigan, Kelly               Indianwood G&CC

                         Bishop, Lisa                   MWGA

            10:27    Slobodnik-Stoll, Stacy   Walnut Hills CC

                         Massa, Julie                   Forest Akers GC

                         Garety*, Joan                 Egypt Valley CC

*Denotes Player Eligible for Senior Honor Roll
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