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Different in 2021, we will be hosting one of the three sites on a different date. While Western G&CC and Travis Pointe CC will host on Monday, May 17, Grosse Ile G&CC will host on Monday, 24. Upon registration, players will be able to select their date preference, so as to allow for advance planning.

Because of the high popularity of this tournament, registration is NOT conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Rather, you must register within the registration window to be placed in the lottery for course assignment.

Should there be more entries within the window than spots available in the field, a waiting list will be created. Should any team that registers within the window not get into the field a full refund will be issued. Team index and time of registration within the window will have no bearing on your likelihood of getting in the field. The only team guaranteed a spot in the field will be the defending champions. In recent years, no registered teams have been left out of the field.

The lottery for site assignment will take place after the registration window has closed.

Who: Men, Teams consisting of one Mid-Amateur and one Senior
When: May 17/May 24 | Finals, Sept. 21
Where: Western G&CC (5/17), Travis Pointe CC (5/17), Grosse Ile G&CC (5/24) | Finals, Meadowbrook CC
Format: 18-Holes Four-Ball (AM), 18-Holes Foursomes (PM)