GAM Player Information
36th GAM Senior Championship - Red Run GC

TOURNAMENT DATE: Monday, Sept. 19 – Tuesday, Sept. 20 

TEE TIME: You should arrive at the tee at least ten minutes prior to your scheduled starting time for instructions from the starter.  

CLUB ADDRESS: 2036 Rochester Rd, Royal Oak MI, 48073

LODGING:  Courtyard Troy

PRACTICE ROUND: Practice rounds are available, but you must call the pro shop in advance and identify yourself as a GAM Senior Championship Contestant, (248) 548-8423. Rates and availability are at the discretion of the host facility.
GPS AND RANGE FINDERS: In this competition, if a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his/her play, AND USES IT FOR THOSE OTHER CONDITIONS, the player is in breach of Rule 4.3, for which the penalty is TWO STROKES for the first breach of this rule and DISQUALIFICATION for a subsequent breach during the stipulated round.

FOOD (FOR PLAYERS ONLY): A complimentary lunch will be available each day of the tournament. Morning wave players will eat following their round and afternoon wave players will eat before their round.

PRACTICE RANGE:  Complimentary for players on the day of the competition, prior to play only.

CADDIES/CARTS: Automotive transportation is mandatory for this Championship and is included in your entry fee. Caddies are NOT permitted for this championship. Carts are not permitted for spectators

PLAYOFF:  A playoff for the Championship only will take place immediately after the final scores have been posted.  It is the player’s responsibility to be ready to play when called to the tee. All other ties for prizes will be broken with the USGA Tiebreaker Method.

WITHDRAWAL:  If you must withdraw, please notify the GAM by e-mailing Failure to notify may result in suspension from future GAM competitions.