46th Fuller Cup Matches
Wednesday, May 9th
Birmingham Country Club

Morning Pairings

8:00 a.m.: (GAM) Brett Hudson/John Quigley vs. (PGA) Joe Herbstreith/Steve Vecellio      
8:10 a.m.: (GAM) Mike Ignasiak/Nathan Clark vs. (PGA) Lee Houtteman/Gary Lewandowski
8:20 a.m.: (GAM) Connor Jones/Jake Kneen vs. (PGA) Ron Beurmann/Scott Hebert
8:30 a.m.: (GAM) David Praet/AJ Varekois vs. (PGA) Travis Dodson/Kyle Martin
8:40 a.m.: (GAM) Jack Weller/Beau Breault vs. (PGA) Cody Haughton/Jordan Young 
8:50 a.m.: (GAM) Jeff Champine/Scott Strickland vs. (PGA) Brian Cairns/Josh Fryer

Afternoon Pairings 

12:40 p.m.: (GAM) Brett Hudson vs. (PGA) Joe Herbstreith
12:40 p.m.: (GAM) John Quigley vs. (PGA) Steve Vecellio
12:50 p.m.: (GAM) Mike Ignasiak vs. (PGA) Lee Houtteman
12:50 p.m.: (GAM) Nathan Clark vs. (PGA) Gary Lewandowski
1:00 p.m.: (GAM) Connor Jones vs. (PGA) Ron Beurmann
1:00 p.m.: (GAM) Jake Kneen vs. (PGA) Scott Hebert 
1:10 p.m.: (GAM) David Praet vs. (PGA) Travis Dodson 
1:10 p.m.: (GAM) AJ Varekois vs. (PGA) Kyle Martin 
1:20 p.m.: (GAM) Jack Weller vs. (PGA) Cody Haughton
1:20 p.m.: (GAM) Beau Breault vs. (PGA) Jordan Young
1:30 p.m.: (GAM) Jeff Champine vs. (PGA) Brian Cairns
1:30 p.m.: (GAM) Scott Strickland vs. (PGA) Josh Fryer

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