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"You'll Be Thinking About Hillside" - GAM Member England Trip Final Day
Posted By Chris Whitten

At virtually every course on our trip, we would ask caddies and local members what they thought the “best” course would be.

Now that means different things to different people, but one caddie from Southport & Ainsdale who also works at Birkdale and Hillside May have said it best... “When you are on the plane to go home, you’ll be thinking about Hillside.” Now that we’re done, I have to agree. 

 Hillside, like S&A and Birkdale, is cut into huge sand dunes near the Irish Sea. The three courses are only separated by a small fence on one edge and train tracks on another. You see the Iconic Birkdale clubhouse next to the Hillside clubhouse from the 18th tee. 

 There may not be three better courses in the world in such close proximity. 

Because Hillside is not in the rotation to host the Open Championship as Birkdale is, it may not receive the same international recognition, but in terms of beauty and signature holes, they are an even comparison. 

The weather was as one would expect - mild temperatures plus off and on rain. We battled the elements and enjoyed every second of it.

 Tradition with Sullivan Travel is to enjoy a closing dinner after the final round. We awarded a small trophy to the winning team from the final competition and sent everyone off for the journey home. A few travelers are extending their trips to stay in Great Britain or Ireland a few more days, but Saturday is a travel day for the majority.  

 I hope you’ll consider joining us for a future GAM trip. The courses are as good as advertised but the best surprise for me was the togetherness and friendships within the group. Many of the participants have traveled together before and look forward to reuniting with each new destination.

Check out the dates for 2020 in the Scottish Highlands and later in the south of Spain. We would love to have you! 

See you back in Michigan, Chris